April Marks Another Banner Month for EV Sales

Source: EV Hub   Following the record for quarterly EV sales set in Q1, Q2 is off to a hot start, with April sales up nearly 300 percent year-over-year. The 54,077 electric vehicles sold in April make it the all-time second highest month for U.S. passenger EV sales, falling just short of the 56,257-mark [...]

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Automakers Investing $27 Billion in Domestic EV Manufacturing

Source: EV Hub Global EV investment commitments, as tracked on EV Hub, are nearing the $500 billion mark. Roughly $46 billion of this has been pledged in the first four months of 2021. America’s second-largest domestic automaker, Ford, leads the year in new investment commitments with an additional $17 billion pledged in February. Almost [...]

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Automakers Ramp Up EV Promotional Campaigns

Source: EV Hub The EV market is hot to the touch right now with private investment pouring in on all sides. On February 4th, Ford made headlines by more than doubling their initial commitment to EV investment. America’s number three automaker in terms of sales is now pledging $22 billion to EV investment and [...]

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Private Investment Worth $13.8 Billion Already Committed in 2021

Source: EV Hub If there was any doubt whether 2021 would be a hot year for the EV market, look no further than the slew of private investment commitments logged in the first three weeks of the year. As of January 25th, more than $13.8 billion has been committed to transportation electrification advancement globally [...]

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Innovations in Battery Technology and Supply Chain Expected in 2021

Source: ICCT Last week, we highlighted the anticipated drop in battery prices that continues to make EVs more competitive with conventional vehicles. Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that falling battery prices are one factor in addition to a surge new models that will lead to a 50 percent increase in global EV sales in 2021. [...]

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GM Rolls Back Partnership with Nikola

Source: Detroit Free Press After months of speculation, GM and Nikola announced an agreement to roll back their planned partnership on November 30th. This marks the next step of a story which began on September 8th when news broke that GM intended to take an 11 percent stake in the startup and manufacture the Nikola Badger [...]

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U.S. EV Sales Surge in September

Source: EV Hub The U.S. EV market rebounded in the third quarter with total quarterly sales only two percent below the numbers from 2019. Monthly sales were up 20 percent in September compared to 2019, the first month in 2020 where there was year-over-year growth. Adding in the third quarter sales figures reduces the [...]

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GM Investing $2 Billion in Tennessee EV Manufacturing

Source: GM The Southeast EV manufacturing sector continues to heat up with General Motors announcing plans to bring production of the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq and $2 billion in facility upgrades to their Spring Hill facility in Tennessee. This is the latest in the automaker’s charge to invest $20 billion in EV manufacturing and bring more than 20 vehicles to market in the [...]

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EV Market Picking Up Speed as California Sets an Ambitious Goal

Source: Bay Area News Network   COVID-19 has done little to dampen major policy commitments, investment announcements, and technology advances throughout the EV sector. California made history on September 23rd when Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order setting the state on course to reach 100 percent ZEV passenger vehicle sales by 2035. [...]

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