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Toyota Taps into EV Strategy


Source: Unsplash   Fresh off the press, Toyota recently announced new developments to accelerate the company’s renewed vehicle electrification efforts. First, the company announced last week that it will be investing $2.1 billion [...]

Toyota Taps into EV Strategy2023-06-05T13:30:47-04:00

EV Charging Landscape in Flux


Source: ShutterStock   It is a pivotal time for electric vehicle charging in the United States. Just last week, the Federal Highway Administration announced the much-anticipated details of the $2.5 billion Charging and Fueling Infrastructure [...]

EV Charging Landscape in Flux2023-03-20T12:24:21-04:00

4 Stories from Q4


Source: EV Hub   We just published our Q4 Quarterly Review (covering October, November, and December 2022). The slides bring together key developments from the EV market and policy space. Here are four stories that [...]

4 Stories from Q42023-03-13T13:29:28-04:00