Launch the dashboard by clicking the image above.

Launch the dashboard by clicking the image above.

Atlas has been tracking media coverage of EVs from around the world since 2015, so you can explore what’s driving media coverage of transportation electrification. In the database, we’re logging details about the article (publisher, title, link, and date). We’re automatically categorizing the stories so it’s easier to figure out what topics (manufacturers, batteries, etc.) are driving coverage. We also try to identify the location for the story wherever possible — is the story about a single city or a U.S. state?

We can easily integrate the media stories database with other datasets on the Hub (state EV sales, public policy, etc.), so please let us know your suggestions!

This 2-page dashboard includes:

  • Recent trends in media coverage of EVs. This dashboard is designed to explore recent media coverage by the focus of the story (e.g., charging infrastructure or public policy).

  • EV-related media stories over time. A table of story titles with links is included. You can filter by tag, date, and publisher.