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Weekly Digest Archive2022-07-07T11:10:00-04:00

We send out a weekly digest. The digest includes a “spotlight” on a key topic from the previous week and key developments from EV Hub. You can control your subscription preferences on your account page.

EVs and the IRA

By |2022-08-01T12:16:42-04:00August 1, 2022|

Image Source: Shutterstock by Orhan Cam.  It was an announcement only the psychics of America could’ve seen coming. On Wednesday evening, Senator Manchin and Senator Schumer announced that they had reached a deal on [...]

Two Weeks Notice

By |2022-07-20T10:47:58-04:00July 18, 2022|

Image source: The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program Guidance The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program is moving quickly. We are now just two weeks out from the due date for state [...]

Working 9 to 5

By |2022-07-11T11:09:25-04:00July 11, 2022|

Source: Automakers Dashboard   As automakers go on a hiring bonanza and we build out our Automakers Dashboard further to include more EV battery makers, as of July 7, 2022, there are more [...]

Going Viral

By |2022-07-05T12:24:25-04:00July 5, 2022|

Data on popularity of Google searches for “electric vehicles” over the past five years. Source: Electric vehicles - Explore - Google Trends As the EV market continues to soar, so too does public interest in [...]

NEVI Can Say Goodbye

By |2022-07-21T10:49:08-04:00June 27, 2022|

Figure 1. Texas Statewide Planning Map from Texas Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan   We have seen our first few NEVI plans. On Friday, Washington state released their draft plan. California, Maine, Texas and Wyoming have all also released draft NEVI plans out [...]

Staff picks with Josh

By |2022-06-13T10:25:27-04:00June 13, 2022|

In our next installment of Staff Picks, we sit down with Josh Rosenberg. Josh is a data analyst at Atlas based out of Washington DC. This is Josh’s last week with Atlas before he [...]

All Eyes on Lithium!

By |2022-06-06T11:38:16-04:00June 6, 2022|

Google search popularity for “lithium mining” since 2004. Source: Google Trends There is a growing chorus of voices talking about lithium. Elon Musk tweeted in April, “Price of lithium has gone to insane levels! Tesla might actually [...]

3 Stories from Q1

By |2022-05-31T12:29:23-04:00May 31, 2022|

Source: Automakers Dashboard - Atlas EV Hub We put out the Q1 slides today which summarize electric vehicle developments in Q1 2022. Here are three stories worth noting.   You got the jobs! More than 22,000 EV [...]

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