The Atlas EV Hub is an online platform to equip all stakeholders with actionable information on the EV market. It contains a wealth of data on the EV market, including vehicle sales, infrastructure deployment, public policy, and media coverage. The site aggregates this information in easy-to-use dashboards to quickly find what you’re looking for (see the screenshots). Since early 2017, Atlas has been working with NGOs, companies, state and local public officials, and Clean Cities Coalitions to create a one-stop shop for information on state activities related to the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. Our goal has been to save people time and more effectively allocate resources to work on this important effort. We used our work on the Volkswagen Settlement as a springboard to inspire greater collaboration among members of the EV community and launched the EV Hub in July 2017. We greatly appreciate any feedback you have on the EV Hub.

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The EV Hub is a product of Atlas Public Policy, a Washington DC-based policy tech firm whose mission is to equip businesses and policymakers to make strategic, informed decisions through the greater use of technology that aggregates publicly available information.

Some of the Powerful Visualizations on the EV Hub