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Help Center2021-10-31T11:34:20-04:00

The EV Hub is a platform that relies on cutting edge web technology to give you improved access to information on the EV market. We’re constantly improving the product and rely on you for feedback. The Help Center is the repository for all the questions, ideas, and feedback we’ve received along with other information we thought you might find helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common issues you may run into and how to resolve them. The EV Hub is primarily this website, built on WordPress, an open source content management system that powers almost 30 percent of websites worldwide. The Hub is also an Office 365 Group, an offering from Microsoft to encourage multi-organizational collaboration. We use the Office 365 Group for cloud-based file sharing purposes (SharePoint).

How do I use the dashboards?2019-07-04T15:28:50-04:00

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Where’s all this data from?2020-02-02T16:49:26-05:00

The EV Hub is a collection of data from across the web. Wherever possible, we pull data from programmable interfaces offered by websites (called web APIs). We merge those datasets with large spreadsheets that we’re assembling with EV Hub users to create powerful dashboards and make information more accessible to you.

Can I re-use content I find on the EV Hub?2021-01-25T17:09:35-05:00

We have a very simple user license agreement because we want you to use the content from the EV Hub in your everyday work. We make our content available in spreadsheet form, as charts, as PowerPoint files, etc., because we want to put the content in a form that’s easily digested and re-packaged by you. With that said, we need to make sure we’re given credit for the many hours of work it took for us to put together all of this content.

If you want to share something internally with your colleagues at your organization, we ask that you properly cite the Atlas EV Hub as your source. Any standard citation format will do. Here’s an example of the IEEE format (our favorite):

Source: Atlas Public Policy, “Atlas EV Hub,” 2021 [Online]. Available:

If you want to share anything outside your organization, you must first ask for our permission. Most often, we’ll simply ask for you to cite us, because we want this information out there and for you to educate your audience on transportation electrification!

How can I manage how I’m contacted?2022-07-20T18:14:03-04:00

There are four ways we’ll reach out to you:

  1. EV Hub Weekly Digest: On a weekly basis, we’ll send out a newsletter to give everyone a summary of what’s happening on the EV Hub. The newsletter will contain links to new content on the Hub, notable events, and a summary of transportation electrification from our perspective.
  2. Public Requests Reminder: On a weekly basis, we’ll send you a summary of outstanding public requests, including requests for comment or requests for proposal. 
  3. Legislation Tracking: On a monthly basis, we share a round up of activity in state houses nationwide.
  4. Occasional Emails: As an EV Hub user, we’ll also let you know about events or other key happenings as they come up. For example, we’ll let you know if we’re hosting another meeting on the VW settlement.

For the Weekly Digest, Legislation Tracking, and the Public Requests Reminder, you can manage your email preferences on the Notifications section of your Account page. We recommend you stay subscribed to all. If a type of alert becomes too much, you can always setup a rule in your email client to automatically move those emails to a folder and read them at your own pace. Here’s how to setup a rule like that in the Microsoft Outlook desktop app, Outlook on the web, or Gmail.

How can I join a Microsoft Teams meeting?2020-06-25T14:36:17-04:00

We use the Microsoft Teams to host our online meetings on the EV Hub. You can join these meeting using the Microsoft Teams desktop or mobile apps, or straight from your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, or Firefox — no Safari support at this time).

For audio, you can use the dial-in information if you don’t want to use your computer speakers and microphone.

Microsoft Teams is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store too. See here additional help from Microsoft.