How much charging do we need?

Source: U.S. Passenger Vehicle Electrification Infrastructure Assessment   I was talking to a friend recently. They were interested in buying an electric vehicle but were concerned at the prospect of getting stuck somewhere and not being able to charge. The challenge of providing adequate public charging is enormous. How enormous? $39 billion [...]

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Tesla moves to Texas, Still Can’t Sell There

Source: EV Hub   Tesla is headed to Austin, Texas. We touched on reasons for the move in the Digest last week. There is, as always, a catch. Texas is one of 17 states where automakers cannot sell directly to consumers. Reporting by the New York Times describes the experience of buying a Tesla in [...]

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What say you July sales data?

New sales data are in. July 2021 was the second highest month on record behind a bumper month in June. More than 59,000 electric vehicles were sold across the country. July 2021 nearly doubled the previous high for July. Tesla captured 49 percent of the EV market share with sales of the Model [...]

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New Sales Data: Here Comes the Market

May EV sales data dropped mid last week. So what did we see? Sales ticked above 50,000 for the third straight month. To put this number in context, this is more than double the previous high for the month of May. Electric Vehicles made up 13% of all passenger vehicles sold and 3.2% [...]

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March Sets All-Time Monthly U.S. EV Sales Record

Source: EV Hub If the first three months of the year are any indication, 2021 is shaping up to be a banner year for the U.S. passenger EV market. EV sales shot up by 95 percent in the first quarter compared to 2020 with March sales 2.5 times higher than the same month last [...]

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February EV Sales Up 100 Percent From 2020

Source: EV Hub The U.S. EV market is off to a roaring start in 2021 with both January and February setting all-time records for those months. In February, EV sales were more than double the same month in 2020. More than 32,700 EVs were sold across the country in February, roughly 3.4 percent of all [...]

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Year-Over-Year EV Sales Up 43 Percent in January

Source: EV Hub Early indicators from the EV market point to a strong year in the making for 2021. In addition to widespread investment from manufacturers, utilities, and public agencies recorded so far this year, EV sales were up 43 percent in January compared to the same month in 2020. This marks the highest January on record in [...]

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EV Market Rebounds Faster Than Conventional Autos in 2020

Source: EV Hub After a rough first six months, the U.S. passenger EV market rebounded and ended the year just three percent below 2019 in terms of total sales volume. The EV market, and the auto sector overall, hit its low point in May with a 54 percent drop in EV sales compared to [...]

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U.S. EV Sales Surge in September

Source: EV Hub The U.S. EV market rebounded in the third quarter with total quarterly sales only two percent below the numbers from 2019. Monthly sales were up 20 percent in September compared to 2019, the first month in 2020 where there was year-over-year growth. Adding in the third quarter sales figures reduces the [...]

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EV Hub Live Episode #2: COVID-19 Hits U.S. EV Market in Q2

U.S. passenger EV sales were down 44 percent in Q2 compared to 2019. COVID-19 was part of the problem as many automakers remained shuttered in April and face delayed production timelines for existing and upcoming EV models. It was not all doom and gloom for the EV sector, however, and government and utility funding [...]

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