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TRB Webinar: Forecasting Zero Emission Vehicles Fleet Scenarios & Emissions Implications

How will future vehicle Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) fleet scenarios affect emissions of criteria pollutants, mobile source air toxics, and greenhouse gases? TRB will conduct a webinar on Tuesday, June 30 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM that will discuss research on future vehicle fleet scenarios’ effect on emissions. Presenters will review literature and [...]

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States Push Forward as Federal Policy Wavers

Progress towards rolling back Obama-era fuel economy standards has generated uncertainty across the auto industry. Issued in 2012, the standards require an increase in overall fuel efficiency for light-duty vehicles to around 50 mpg by model year 2025. A rollback would freeze progress, lowering the requirement to 37 mpg. California has already indicated it intends to stand by the tougher [...]

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Diverse Stakeholders Sign Transportation Electrification Accord

Environmental nonprofit organizations, businesses, and other organizations working on EVs have created the Transportation Electrification Accord. The group signed on a to set of principles that outlines "how transportation electrification can be advanced in a manner that benefits all utility customers and users of all forms of transportation, while supporting the evolution of a [...]

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