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Southeast States Capture 40 Percent of Domestic EV Investments


Source :Transportation Electrification in the Southeast: 2023 Last week, my colleagues Tom Taylor, Matthew Vining, and I published the fourth annual “Transportation Electrification in the Southeast” report in partnership with the Southern Alliance for [...]

Southeast States Capture 40 Percent of Domestic EV Investments2023-09-11T14:46:11-04:00

4 Stories from Q2


Source: EV Hub   Today, we published our Q2 Quarterly Review, which packages up key electric vehicle (EV) policy and market developments in April, May, and June of this year. As a reminder, [...]

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2023 State Transportation Electrification Scorecard


Join ACEEE for a webinar to learn how states are accelerating the transition toward vehicle electrification and hear about their upcoming scorecard. Attendees will hear from the report authors as they reveal the results of the scorecard, and a discussion from leaders in California and New York on their states’ efforts and plans for the future.

2023 State Transportation Electrification Scorecard2023-06-22T14:16:27-04:00

3 Stories from Q1


Source: EV Hub   We just published our Q1 Quarterly Review (covering January, February, and March 2023). The slides bring together key developments from the EV market and policy space. As a reminder, [...]

3 Stories from Q12023-05-30T12:25:17-04:00