2023 State Transportation Electrification Scorecard

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Which states lead the way in advancing electric vehicles and what progress have they made over the last two years? Find out as ACEEE releases the second edition of the ACEEE State Transportation Electrification Scorecard, which scores states across more than 40 policies to advance equitable vehicle electrification and reduce transportation emissions.

The last year has seen record levels of private and public investment in vehicle deployment, EV and battery manufacturing, and charging infrastructure. But there is still a long road ahead to electrifying all vehicles in the United States and delivering on the emissions reductions outlined in U.S. climate goals. States have a key role to play in planning for EV deployment, implementing programs, and ensuring the most vulnerable communities receive the benefits from electric vehicles.

Join ACEEE for a webinar to learn how states are accelerating the transition toward vehicle electrification. Attendees will hear from the report authors as they reveal the results of the scorecard, and a discussion from leaders in California and New York on their states’ efforts and plans for the future.