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We send out a weekly digest to catch you up on all the happenings on the EV Hub. Each week, we send out a summary of the transportation electrification market tailored to our public policy audience. The digest always includes a “spotlight” where we bring to your attention a key topic from the previous week. The digest also includes new content on EV Hub, a summary of media coverage courtesy of Media Pulse, recent news alerts on EV Hub, job openings in transportation electrification, upcoming events from the EV Hub calendar, and special announcements from our partners.

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What say you July sales data?

By |2021-09-27T15:10:29-04:00September 27th, 2021|

New sales data are in. July 2021 was the second highest month on record behind a bumper month in June. More than 59,000 electric vehicles were sold across the country. July 2021 nearly [...]

The Advance of the Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) Rule

By |2021-09-14T10:15:21-04:00September 13th, 2021|

Source: TRAA Vehicle Identification Guide.   On Thursday September 8, 2021, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation A.4302/S.2758. The legislation sets a statutory goal for all new light-duty vehicles sold in the Empire State [...]

What can we learn from the 2009 Stimulus?

By |2021-09-07T10:20:38-04:00September 7th, 2021|

Source: Wikipedia.    As we face down the prospect of a historical investment in transportation electrification in the INVEST in America bill, let’s take a moment to put this funding in some context. [...]

EVs Grow Strong in the Southeast

By |2021-09-01T10:34:53-04:00August 30th, 2021|

Source: EV Hub   The past few weeks, we have been working hard on a report with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) about transportation electrification in the Southeast (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North [...]

Q2 in Review

By |2021-08-25T11:35:26-04:00August 23rd, 2021|

Source: EV Hub   Ok the numbers are in for Q2 (April, May, June). There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dive in.   Sales are up in a big [...]

The cost of a fee

By |2021-08-16T13:04:46-04:00August 16th, 2021|

Source: EV Hub A quick quiz: Name one state that doesn’t charge an EV fee. California you say? Wrong. There are 22 states that do not charge any fees currently, but the [...]

The Bill is on the move

By |2021-08-02T19:27:28-04:00August 2nd, 2021|

You could be forgiven for not tracking the bills that are coming out of Congress – there is a lot going on. We will touch on the big Reconciliation bill being debated [...]

New Sales Data: Here Comes the Market

By |2021-07-26T16:42:45-04:00July 26th, 2021|

May EV sales data dropped mid last week. So what did we see? Sales ticked above 50,000 for the third straight month. To put this number in context, this is more than double [...]

New Jersey’s Moment in the Sun

By |2021-07-19T14:21:05-04:00July 19th, 2021|

Source: EV Hub data on Volkswagen Settlement allocations in 2021.   New Jersey is having its moment in the sun. Governor Phil Murphy recently announced the state is looking to adopt California’s Advanced Clean Truck Rule. The [...]

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