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  • March 18, 2024

    The following digest was written by Atlas Policy Analyst Daniel Wilkins. Last week, we published a new analysis comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) between five of the most popular gasoline powered models in the United States and an electric equivalent. Our analysis found that in every case, EVs today can deliver savings [...]

  • March 11, 2024

    Source: Q4 Quarterly Review Last week, we published our Q4 Quarterly Review, which summarizes key electric vehicle (EV) policy and market developments in October, November, and December of 2023. As a reminder, we publish slide decks summarizing developments for each quarter here. Below are the big takeaways from Q4 2023. First, nearly 384,000 light-duty [...]

  • March 4, 2024

    Source: Clean Economy Tracker   Investments in the U.S. domestic clean energy economy have soared to unprecedented levels, thanks in part to two landmark climate laws: the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). A new tool by Atlas Public Policy and Utah State University brings together announced [...]

  • February 26, 2024

    2023 was a stellar year for the electric vehicle (EV) market, and data from December affirmed the positive direction of where the EV market is headed. Nearly 12 percent of new light-duty vehicles sold in the United States in December 2023 were EVs, a market record.  In total, the month saw over 148,000 light-duty [...]

  • February 22, 2024

    This digest was written by Policy Analyst Daniel Wilkins. In collaboration with the Electrification Coalition, Atlas is thrilled to introduce a new dashboard dedicated to advancing the understating of freight vehicle electrification in the United States. The Electric Freight Dashboard brings together the many facets of freight electrification from the availability of funding to [...]

  • February 12, 2024

    Last month, the Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) announced the grant recipients for the first round of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Reliability and Accessibility Accelerator Grant Program. To give a refresher, funds for the EV Charger Reliability and Accessibility Accelerator come from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program. While the majority of NEVI [...]

  • February 5, 2024

    Source: EV Hub   Last week, the Powering America’s Commercial Transportation (PACT) coalition launched in Washington D.C., serving as a fresh unified voice for zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty (MDHD) infrastructure in the United States. Established by industry leaders, Daimler Truck North America, Navistar, Inc., and Volvo Group North America, PACT aims to bring [...]

  • January 29, 2024

    Electric vehicle (EV) fees are a hot button topic, and as consumer adoption of EVs significantly accelerates across a number of markets, states are now attempting to reconcile losses of gas tax revenue. As such, EV drivers are subject to several fees that are intended to replace gas fees, including annual registration fees and [...]

  • January 22, 2024

    In a fresh new report produced in partnership with the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), my colleagues Spencer Burget, Sophie Latham, and Matthew Vining assessed the state of play for heavy-duty (HD) zero-emission (ZEV) manufacturing in the United States. Here were three key takeaways: 86 percent of HD vehicle manufacturing facilities in the [...]

  • January 16, 2024

    2024 is off with a bang. Last week, the Biden administration announced a hefty $623 million award package as part of the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program. To recap, the CFI program funnels $2.5 billion of funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act over five years to build out charging [...]

  • January 8, 2024

    Electric trucks and buses are a nascent technology, and their benefits for public health and the climate are profound. However, concerns about their performance during cold weather have been top of mind for those leading deployment efforts. In particular, cold weather reduces the typical range of a battery-electric vehicle. To address this valid issue, [...]

  • January 2, 2024

    Source: Shutterstock 2023 was a productive year for transportation electrification, and as we bring in the new year, we can only expect that momentum to continue. To reflect on last year and look ahead to 2024, I chatted with some of my colleagues at Atlas who contribute to a spread of meaningful electric [...]

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