New Report Highlights Benefits of Transportation Electrification in a Post Pandemic World

Source: Atlas Public Policy   Atlas Public Policy in partnership with the Alliance for Transportation Electrification published today a research paper, “Benefits of Transportation Electrification in a Post Pandemic World,” which highlights the potential economic, public health, and climate benefits of transportation electrification in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first [...]

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Drive the Future: Best Practices for Equitable Transportation Electrification in the Midcontinent

As automakers, electric utilities, policy makers, and others work to scale electric vehicle adoption in the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions, there’s an increased opportunity to make sure that policies are designed and that programs are implemented with equity, diversity, and inclusion in mind. Addressing equity in policy and programs ensures that historically disadvantaged [...]

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Duquesne Proposed $4.3 million for Transportation Electrification

On April 16, 2021, as part of a filing submitted to the PA Public Utility Commission, Duquesne Light Company (DLC) proposed a number of transportation electrification programs. The EV proposals total $4.3 million in proposed investment. The proposals builds off the EV ChargeUp Pilot. The proposed programs include a DCFC and Level 2 make-ready [...]

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Federal Government, Stakeholders Bring Transportation Equity into Focus

Source: Greenlining Last week, the Biden Administration unveiled a sweeping $2 trillion infrastructure package. Heralded as a “once-in-a-generation investment” in the nation’s critical infrastructure, the plan includes a clear focus on addressing racial inequity and climate change. The Administration has proposed funding the investments through a partial rollback of the Trump Administration corporate tax [...]

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Arizona’s IOUs File Second Phase of Arizona Transportation Electrification Plan

On April 1, 2021, Arizona's two investor-owned utilities filed the second phase of their transportation electrification plan. Phase II builds upon the Phase I report to put forth a comprehensive and actionable roadmap for TE in Arizona, including analysis of promising EV opportunities and significant engagement with the state's TE stakeholder community. It also [...]

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Consumers Energy Files to Extend PowerMIDrive and PowerMIFleet

On March 1, 2021. Consumers Energy filed an extension of both their existing EV programs, PowerMIDrive and PowerMIFleet. The $29.5 million PowerMIDrive program expansion includes further support for Level 2 and DCFC charging rebates and make-ready expenditure. The proposal includes a $2.2 million company fleet vehicle electrification effort that was required in the December [...]

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Driving Change: Designing and Financing Transportation Electrification Projects

Clean transportation demonstration projects are critical to advancing the market because they identify best practices, highlight areas of improvement and bring clean transportation options to communities and businesses. Among many other benefits, demonstration projects also support consumer education and outreach efforts, promote financial incentives and public charging infrastructure expansion. This month’s webinar by Forth [...]

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Forth: Electrified Community Carsharing

The carsharing sector continues to expand and change, with new players entering the space, new technologies becoming available, and consumer preferences shifting. Several programs in progress in Denver, Los Angeles and other cities to demonstrate the benefits of electric transportation and bridge the gap to accessible, clean transportation.  In this webinar, Forth will highlight [...]

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Three States and DC Move to Implement TCI Program

On December 21, 2020, members of the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C. announced plans to be the first jurisdictions to begin administering the Transportation & Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P) that could bring $300 million of annual investment in clean transportation projects to communities throughout the region. [...]

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