New Jersey’s Moment in the Sun

Source: EV Hub data on Volkswagen Settlement allocations in 2021.   New Jersey is having its moment in the sun. Governor Phil Murphy recently announced the state is looking to adopt California’s Advanced Clean Truck Rule. The rule requires an increasing percentage of new truck sales to be electric through 2035. Critics argue that there is a need for [...]

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New Jersey Set to Become the Second State to Formally Implement Advanced Clean Truck Regulation

On Wednesday, April 14th, The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection issued a notice of rule proposal announcing their intention to adopt regulations modeled after California's Advanced Clean Trucks Rule (ACT). The proposed rulemaking is part of New Jersey's comprehensive strategy to meet the state's statutory requirement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 80 [...]

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JCP&L Proposes Four-Year $49.92 million EV Program

On March 1, 2021, in compliance with the Board’s September 23, 2020 Decision and Order No. QO20050357 (“EV Filing Order”), JCP&L is proposing a four-year $49.92 million Electric Vehicle (“EV”) Program (called the “JCP&L EV Driven Program” or “Program”). Under the Program, the Company proposes to offer incentives and rate structures that will support [...]

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Atlantic City Electric Approved to Invest $21 Million in New Jersey

On February 17, 2021, Atlantic City Electric was approved to invest in a modified version of their Plug-In Vehicle Program initially filed on February 23, 2018. The utility revised their initial filing in December 2019 and increased the overall budget to $42 million in light of policy developments and EV initiatives that have been [...]

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PSEG Approved to invest $166 million in New Jersey

On January 27, 2021, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approved a modified version of the transportation electrification elements of Public Service Electric and Gas Company's Clean Energy Future Program. The approval authorizes investment worth $166 million, roughly half of the amount initially proposed. The decision delayed investment in medium- and heavy-duty electrification [...]

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New Jersey Approves Straw Proposal on EV Infrastructure Build Out

On September 23, 2020, The NJ Board of Public Utilities (NJ BPU) established its Straw Proposal on Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Build Out. The Straw Proposal establishes minimum filing requirements for utility filings regarding light-duty, publicly-accessible EV charging infrastructure. The Straw Proposal requires utilities to file EV programs that meet the minimum requirements specified in [...]

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New Jersey Will Allocate Remaining $45 Million VW Settlement Funds to EVs and EV Charging

Strengthening the state's transportation electrification leadership, policymakers in New Jersey announced on April 22, 2020 that the remaining VW Settlement Funds worth almost $45 million will go towards EVs and EV charging. Roughly $32.7 million of this will go towards the replacement of old diesel buses, trucks, trains, port equipment, and marine vessels with [...]

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New Jersey Leads Among States Pushing Bold EV Plans in 2020

Source: Transport Topics   Correction: this version clarifies the mechanism proposed by TCI.   A flurry of activity from several EV market leaders in the early days of 2020 indicates that states are likely to continue to show leadership on the development of new EV policy as federal support wanes. In addition [...]

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New Jersey Legislature Passes New Bill Mandating Accelerated EV and Charging Deployment

On January 13, 2020, the New Jersey State Assembly and Senate passed S2252 establishing sweeping transportation electrification targets statewide. If signed by Governor Murphy, the bipartisan bill would establish a statewide public charging network to support an estimated 330,000 light-duty EVs by 2025. Policymakers in the state expect the number of registered EVs in [...]

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