Strengthening the state’s transportation electrification leadership, policymakers in New Jersey announced on April 22, 2020 that the remaining VW Settlement Funds worth almost $45 million will go towards EVs and EV charging. Roughly $32.7 million of this will go towards the replacement of old diesel buses, trucks, trains, port equipment, and marine vessels with electric alternatives. New Jersey has already awarded more than $24 million to EVs across several different vehicle categories and is one of only six total states awarding funds for electric trucks. 

The new round of funding also includes an RFP for charging infrastructure through the state’s It Pay$ to Plug In worth $7.6 million. The program that has already awarded $3.2 million for both DC fast and Level 2 charging stations throughout the state. 

The announcement comes as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) celebrates Earth Day and its 50th birthday. The new solicitation will be open through June 22, 2020 and builds on the recently released Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Strategic Funding Plan. New Jersey expects to receive $80 million in annual benefits through the program’s auctions. The RFP will be open through June 22, 2020 and New Jersey is likely to be the first state to award the entirety of their VW settlement allocation, all of which is supporting transportation electrification in the state. 


(hat tip to FULL NAME)