Fleet Electrification on the Rise

Source: USPS Automakers and manufacturers continue to expand electrification plans in response to what some are calling an inflection point of growth in global EV market in 2021. After increasing by 39 percent in 2020 over 2019, IHS Markit predicts global passenger EV sales will rise 70 percent in 2021. Already this year, more than $33 [...]

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Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification (DRVE) Tool Release and Overview

The Electrification Coalition and Atlas Public Policy released a new online tool that allows vehicle fleet managers to conduct cost and emissions analysis of various pathways to electric vehicle adoption. The Dashboard for Rapid Vehicle Electrification – or DRVE Tool – offers fleets a quick and easy way to gather customized insights about how [...]

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13 Percent Drop in EV Battery Prices Anticipated in 2020

Source: BNEF EVs are becoming increasingly cost competitive with conventional vehicles according to forthcoming analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The group’s annual battery price index is expected on December 16th and projects a 13 percent decline in the cost of batteries between 2019 and 2020. BNEF estimates a battery pack price [...]

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Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool

The Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool equips users with decision-relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle fleet procurements. The Microsoft Excel-based tool can evaluate a variety of procurement ownership structures, vehicle types, and procurement scenarios. The tool compares procurements side-by-side on a cost-per-mile basis and provides an [...]

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Washington JTC Electrification of Public Vehicle Fleets Study Presentation

In this event hosted by the Washington State legislature's Joint Transportation Committee (JTC), the study team led by Atlas Public Policy will present the findings from a report that analyzes the electrification potential of public vehicles across Washington State. The goal of the study was to provide Washington with comprehensive, vehicle-specific electrification cost estimates [...]

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Public Fleet Electrification on the Horizon in Washington

Source: JTC Leading EV markets like Washington continue to give credence to the predictions from Cox Automotive that the pandemic will only be a speed bump in the move to widespread transportation electrification. After falling by 23 percent in the first half of 2020, Washington EV sales have rebounded and were down only 0.5 percent [...]

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Webinar: Electrifying City Fleets

Adopting electric vehicles into city fleets is one of the most innovative ways a city can show its leadership and commitment to clean transportation. Cities can reduce both fleet emissions, fueling, and operating costs by replacing their fleet vehicles with EVs. This webinar will explore the key considerations for cities adopting electric vehicles into their fleets with commitments to [...]

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Accelerate Your City Webinar #3: Fortifying Regional EV Charging Infrastructure

Through private investments and the $10 million Smart City Challenge grant awarded to Columbus by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, more than 1,000 new EV charging ports have been installed in the Columbus Region. This explosion of charging has contributed to a more than four-fold increase in EV purchases in the last three [...]

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Accelerate Your City Webinar #2: Driving Consumer Adoption through Public/Private Partnerships

In three years, Columbus increased electric vehicle adoption more than four-fold without supportive state policies or incentives, but through the collaboration of the public and private sectors under the $10 million Smart City Challenge grant awarded to Columbus by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. In this webinar, discover how more than 70 Columbus [...]

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Virtual 11th EV Convening – Public Fleet Electrification

The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (Michigan EIBC) invites you to attend the second EV Convening of 2020 (11th of the series) on Tuesday, August 11. This convening will take place via Zoom. The topic is Public Fleet Electrification and will feature the following confirmed panelists: Trevor Pawl, Chief Mobility Officer, State of Michigan, Office of Future [...]

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