Consumers Energy and National Grid: Guiding utility customers toward fleet electrification

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As EV interest continues to grow—particularly among corporate, municipal, and government-owned fleets—utilities are in a unique position to provide fleet electrification advisory services for their customers.

While each fleet advisory program will have different goals and offer varying levels of support to customers, there are key lessons to be learned from existing programs that can help utilities in the planning and development phase.

In this live webinar, Consumers Energy will share details about the PowerMIFleet program, which is designed to help fleets reduce operating costs, eliminate emissions, and simplify vehicle maintenance by transitioning to electric vehicles.

They will also be joined by National Grid to hear about their MA Fleet Advisory Service Program, which offers a no-cost assessment to public transit and government fleets to identify vehicles ready for electrification and provides the technical support to accelerate their electrification plans.