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Investors Flocking to the Electric Truck Market

Source: TechCrunch   The electric truck market is heating up and Wall Street is taking notice. Last week, EV and fuel-cell truck startup Nikola merged with a publicly traded acquisition company called VectoIQ  and saw their stock prices surge 104 percent after the company announced it would begin taking orders for its first passenger vehicle offering, the [...]

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COVID-impacted Automakers Allowed to Resume Production May 11

Source: CNN After almost two months of stagnation, auto plants around the country are gearing up to resume production. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced on May 7th that manufacturers in the state affected by coronavirus shutdowns will be allowed to begin reopening today, May 11th. GM, Ford, and Fiat-Chrysler are all targeting May 18th [...]

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U.S. EV Sales Down 21 percent in Third Quarter

Total U.S. EV sales for 2019 are 0.5 percent higher than sales through the third quarter of 2018. Some months this year have brought encouraging sales numbers, but it has all been downhill since June for the U.S. EV market. While September brought U.S. EV sales closer to the peak reached in June, the market [...]

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