EV Hub Live Episode #33: Building a Clean Economy Workforce

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The Inflation Reduction Act aims to create nine million good jobs over the next decade, with ten percent of those jobs in clean manufacturing. This echoes the manufacturing boom that created the Steel Belt, bringing life to communities across the heartland of America. But that boom eventually led to the Rust Belt and a sense among manufacturing workers that they had been left behind. With labor movements on the rise, workers are becoming more optimistic for another growth of sustainable communities built around these good jobs. But with persistent supply chain challenges on the horizon and neighboring countries with lower labor costs developing advanced manufacturing capabilities, how can the U.S. keep new, clean, good jobs here at home? Our guests Anna Waldman-Brown from the DOE Office of Energy Jobs and Reem Rayef from BlueGreen Alliance will discuss the vision behind the IRA, how the labor movement can build good jobs, and how the U.S. can keep those good jobs and build sustainable communities.