VW Settlement Award

New Jersey Announces VW Settlement Funding for EV Charging and Electric Transit Buses

On February 28, 2019, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced that $11.2 M of the state's VW Environmental Mitigation Trust Funds had been allocated to electric vehicle charging stations and electric transit buses. NJ TRANSIT will receive $8 M to purchase eight new electric transit buses to be used in the City [...]

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Massachusetts Announces Grant Programs to Reduce Vehicle Air Pollution

On January 18, 2018, the Massachusetts Baker-Polito Administration announced a grant program that will utilize $12.5 million in VW funds and $500,000 from other clean air funds to reduce emissions from vehicles and non-road equipment and promote transportation electrification.  The grants are part of a multi-phase approach to spend the state's $75 million from [...]

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Iowa Clean Cities Webinar on VW Settlement Funding, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned

On December 12, 2018, Iowa Clean Cities will be hosting a webinar featuring speakers from the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT), the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the National Renewable Energy Lab who will discuss the Volkswagen settlement funding opportunity, best practices for making your organization ready, and how to learn from past [...]

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New Mexico Approves VW Settlement Funding Awards

The New Mexico Environment Department announced an award of $5.9 million in VW Settlement funds to support seven projects. Most projects are replacing older diesel vehicles with newer ones, though funds are also going towards compressed natural gas vehicles and electric airport ground support equipment. See below for fund distribution by replacement or repowering [...]

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Wisconsin Awards $32 million of VW Settlement Funds for Transit Bus Replacements

The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) announced the awardees for its Transit Capital Assistance Grant Program through the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. The DOA awarded all $32 million allocated for the replacement of class 4-8 diesel public transit buses with alternative fueled buses as outline in the State Beneficiary Mitigation Plan.  The DOA received [...]

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Missouri DNR & Iowa DOT Announce VW Funds Available for MD/HD Vehicles

On November 20th, 2018, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Department of Transportation announced a total of $7.65 million in VW Settlement funding for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Missouri Announcement The Missouri DNR announced they will award $2.75 million for projects that repower or replace trucks owned by a State or [...]

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Connecticut Awards First Grants of VW Settlement Funds

On November 14th, 2018, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced the award of $12.2 million dollars in funds from the VW Settlement to ten projects in the state. The state received 56 applications requesting over $32 million. Awardees included both government and non-government entities. A summary of the awards is included in the table [...]

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Nevada Awards VW Funds for Airport Ground Support Equipment, Trucks, & Buses

On November 5th, Nevada became one of the first states to award a portion of its VW Settlement funds after announcing 12 projects worth $6.6 million; the state has $24.8 million from the settlement to invest in mitigating mobile source emissions. The state received 37 applicants in this funding round. In an effort to [...]

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Virginia becomes first state to award VW Settlement funds

On Thursday, August 9th, the State of Virginia became the first state to commit funds from the VW settlement. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality issued a Notice of Intent to Award a contract to EVgo Services, LLC, to develop a statewide public electric vehicle charging network. EVgo will use two Virginia-based contractors to help [...]

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