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Ok the numbers are in for Q2 (April, May, June). There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dive in.


Sales are up in a big way:

  • June sales data just dropped, and they were a whopper. Over 66,000 electric vehicles sold in June – that’s over 10,000 more than any other month on record.
  • Strong sales across all three months meant that Q2 was the highest quarter on record and EV sales in the quarter surpassed 15% share of the passenger vehicle market.
  • EV sales were up nearly three times compared to Q2 2020 while Tesla’s market share fell by nearly a third.


Billions were announced in private investment:

  • $41 billion in private investment announced in Q2. More than one third was due to expanded plans from GM.


Utility investment fell from Q1:

  • Four programs were approved during Q2 2021, totaling $113 million. This is down from $345 million in investment approved during Q1 2021.
  • The largest program approved was from Duke Energy Florida. Duke will invest $62.9 million to develop 100 utility-owned DCFC sites – now the largest approval for utility-owned DCFC to date.
  • $184 million of potential investment was filed in Q2 2021.


Colorado and Washington led the way on policy:

  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (passed in August) was debated and drafted in Q2.
  • States enacted12 bills and proposed 11 new bills in Q2.
  • Colorado enacted a landmark transportation bill and Washington passed a clean fuel standard.


New models hit the market:

  • More than 25 new BEVs models are expected to enter the market by the end of 2021.
  • Jeep Wrangler Plug-in was 4th-best selling EV in its first quarter on the market.
  • VW ID.4 and Ford Mustang Mach-E came in as 4th and 5th best-selling BEV in their first full quarter on the market.
  • Ford announced F-150 Lightning for 2022, priced under $40,000.
  • Detroit’s Big Three automakers had five out of 51 EVs on the market collectively in Q2.


VW Settlement money went out the door (except in four states):

  • Seven states made funding announcements in Q2 worth $91 million, and EVs and EV charging continue to claim 50% of all awards overall.
  • Now more than two years since first VW settlement award, 61% of total funding remains to be awarded.
  • Four states are still yet to make an award – Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas and West Virginia.


The bottom line: Q2 was big all over.

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