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Reviewing 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020

The electric, shared and smart mobility industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, with advancements in battery technology, charging infrastructure expansion and continuing growth in EV sales. Forth’s Executive Director, Jeff Allen will join AVERE’s Secretary General, Philippe Vangeel to recap the top electric transportation industry news of 2019, as well as give key insights into what’s to come in 2020.  This [...]

Reviewing 2019 and Looking Forward to 20202019-06-20T21:31:04-04:00

The Micromobility Policy Playbook

The emergence of electric scooters into the roadways has changed the landscape of first and last mile transportation in cities. This new and exciting mode of transportation has the nation split. On one hand, the scooters provide a new way to get around in cities, but and the lack of effective policies around rights of way [...]

The Micromobility Policy Playbook2019-06-20T21:32:03-04:00

Dealership Engagement: Making The EV Case to Dealerships

Engaging dealerships is a crucial marker in the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Due to several barriers, most auto dealers are not equipped to effectively sell electric cars. The biggest challenge to engaging dealers to grow electric car sales is the lack of knowledge about electric vehicles. This webinar will address the barriers facing [...]

Dealership Engagement: Making The EV Case to Dealerships2019-06-20T21:29:47-04:00

The Forth Guide to Ride and Drives

Forth’s Program Manager, Steven Alaman will be joined by Terry Travis, Co-Founder at EV Hybrid Noire, and Kylie Morgan, Program Coordinator at Plug In America for a webinar exploring best practices for executing ride and drive events. From working with dealerships to coordinating volunteer efforts, this webinar will highlight lessons learned and offer recommendations [...]

The Forth Guide to Ride and Drives2019-06-20T21:28:52-04:00

Roadmap 12

Sold out in 2018 with over 800 participants, the Roadmap Conference is the nation's largest and most advanced annual conference on electric and smart mobility. Held each summer in the Pacific Northwest, Roadmap includes over 100 national and international speakers, dozens of exhibits, regional smart mobility tours, and high-energy interactive sessions. Expect to make [...]

Roadmap 122019-02-27T13:28:42-04:00

U.S. Expected to Receive Only 10% of Global EV Investment

At the beginning of 2019, Reuters estimated that automakers had invested more than $300 billion in electrification. The EV Hub is now tracking this information, and our new Global Private Investment Dashboard has recorded almost $350 billion in total EV investment across the globe. This data confirms China’s dominance in the market with almost 40 percent of investments recorded from [...]

U.S. Expected to Receive Only 10% of Global EV Investment2019-06-10T11:10:06-04:00

Forth’s Electric Mobility Networking Mixer at ACT Expo

Forth is taking our networking happy hour on the road. Join us for our networking reception ahead of the ACT Expo Connect with fellow conference attendees and get the latest scoop on our efforts to promote electric, shared and autonomous mobility. The reception will take place at the Quarter Deck Bar & Lounge at Gladstone’s Long [...]

Forth’s Electric Mobility Networking Mixer at ACT Expo2019-02-28T09:03:10-04:00

U.S. EV Market Decelerates

Growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market has slowed in the first quarter of 2019. While this year’s Q1 sales are 10 percent higher than last year, 2018 Q1 sales were 32 percent higher than in 2017. March marks the second straight month of low growth compared to the same time period last year.   EVs [...]

U.S. EV Market Decelerates2019-04-08T15:30:30-04:00

Round 2 Designations of FHWA’s Alternative Fuels Corridor Complete

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) completed their second round of designations for their Alternative Fuels Corridor program. Through the program, the FHWA is helping to create a national network of alternative fueling and charging infrastructure. The program now encompasses: Segments or entire lengths of 71 Interstate corridors 44 states and the District of Columbia [...]

Round 2 Designations of FHWA’s Alternative Fuels Corridor Complete2018-05-15T07:44:12-04:00

Strategies to Deploy EV Charging with VW Settlement Funds

States will soon start implementing programs to use VW settlement funds to reduce NOx emissions. One of the most powerful ways to cut these harmful emissions is to advance the deployment of zero emission vehicles. We held a webinar on January 30, 2018 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET to share good practices on state funding programs that advance EV charging.

Strategies to Deploy EV Charging with VW Settlement Funds2018-03-13T17:50:34-04:00