What Is the Road Ahead for Electric Car Sales?

Sales of traditional new cars were already showing signs of weakness as much of the world reached “peak car” this year. But the coronavirus and the resulting economic fallout are likely to drive sales sharply lower for 2020.   Electric cars were enjoying a fast-growing, but fragile surge prior to the pandemic. Now, even [...]

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Coronavirus Delays Release of New Vehicles

Source: Forbes Extended production shutdowns stemming from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have led to the delay of new model releases across the auto industry. The federal government has directed GM to produce ventilators, leading the company to postpone major redesigns for leading gas-powered models including the best-selling Silverado until 2021. Facing significant [...]

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Trump Administration Weakens Light-Duty Vehicle Standards

Source: NRDC The battle around auto emissions and fuel economy standards rages on in the age of coronavirus with the Trump administration finalizing plans to roll back the Obama-era regulation on March 31st. Under the guise of making vehicles more affordable for consumers, the new rule slows the required annual increase in [...]

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Automakers Shutter Production Facilities as Coronavirus Spreads

Source: New York Times   Automakers around the world face extended production shutdowns as countries fight to stem the outbreak of COVID-19. Accelerating outbreaks in the United States have already extended the freeze on manufacturing by at least two weeks. Automakers in the United States including Ford, GM, and Fiat-Chrysler, which originally planned to reopen [...]

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EV Hub During Coronavirus Pandemic

Source: Forbes   COVID19 has upended so many aspects of our lives that it can be hard to wrap our heads around what this means for transportation electrification. In this post, we won’t dive deep into the market implications because it’s far too early to know how this will play out. Instead, we’ll [...]

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CES 2020

CES is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Vehicle tech is one of the key issues at this year's installation of the conference and will feature explorations into vehicle automation. The event will include ride-and-drive experiences and test drives for a variety of technologies that [...]

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Annual Holiday Celebration and Food Drive!

Join Forth as we celebrate the holiday season - and the growth that the electric, shared and smart mobility industry has experienced over the past twelve months! We will host an electric transportation trivia, provide a recap of the biggest local and national news of 2019 and host our second food drive. Enjoy special [...]

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A Bright Future: Reflecting on a Decade of EVs

The first mass-market plug-in electric vehicle hit U.S. streets in late 2010, about a year after I landed in DC. By the end of this year, millions will have been sold worldwide and nearly $350 billion will have been committed to electrify the transportation sector. Looking back, it’s evident that the rollout of [...]

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Reviewing 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020

The electric, shared and smart mobility industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, with advancements in battery technology, charging infrastructure expansion and continuing growth in EV sales. Forth’s Executive Director, Jeff Allen will join AVERE’s Secretary General, Philippe Vangeel to recap the top electric transportation industry news of 2019, as well as give key insights into what’s to come in 2020.  This [...]

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The Micromobility Policy Playbook

The emergence of electric scooters into the roadways has changed the landscape of first and last mile transportation in cities. This new and exciting mode of transportation has the nation split. On one hand, the scooters provide a new way to get around in cities, but and the lack of effective policies around rights of way [...]

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