EV Hub Live Episode #9: Charging and the Road to 100% Passenger EV Sales

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Watch the show below or click here: https://youtu.be/VKhDonfFbRc

Research is starting to pile up on what the United States could look like with widescale transportation electrification. On April 8th, Atlas released findings from a deep dive on charging infrastructure investment needs to achieve 100 percent passenger EV sales by 2035. The research concluded over $87 billion in investments in charging infrastructure will be needed over the next decade, including $39 billion for public charging to put the United States on a path to full electrification. 

Just a week later, on April 15th, the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC-Berkeley, Energy Innovation, and Grid Lab released two landmark reports showing the tremendous benefits of achieving a highly electrified transportation future supported by a clean grid. The studies evaluated the economic, human health, environmental, and electrical grid impacts of an all-electric future and the policy necessary to realize that ambition.  

In this episode of EV Hub Live, Nick Nigro will be joined by Sara Baldwin of Energy Innovation, Nikit Abhyankar of the Goldman School of Public Policy, and Lucy McKenzie of Atlas Public Policy to discuss the benefits of widescale electric transportation, along with the infrastructure investments needs and the policy to get us there.