Shared Mobility

Annual Holiday Celebration and Food Drive!

Join Forth as we celebrate the holiday season - and the growth that the electric, shared and smart mobility industry has experienced over the past twelve months! We will host an electric transportation trivia, provide a recap of the biggest local and national news of 2019 and host our second food drive. Enjoy special [...]

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The Micromobility Policy Playbook

The emergence of electric scooters into the roadways has changed the landscape of first and last mile transportation in cities. This new and exciting mode of transportation has the nation split. On one hand, the scooters provide a new way to get around in cities, but and the lack of effective policies around rights of way [...]

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Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Forum & Expo

The Tennessee Sustainable Transportation Forum & Expo aims to improve transportation efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions, and address the mobility needs of all by sharing research, technology, planning, and policy developments.  Visit the Event Website Register for the Event

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Monetizing Mobility: Show Me the Money!

Experts including Karma Automotive and The City of Columbus will address the business models underpinning mobility, to establish how TNCs, cities, public transit and automakers can work together to develop a sustainable model for intermodal mobility. It will tackle key challenges including: Look at financials model underpinning mobility (carsharing, e-hailing, micromobility etc.) services. Move [...]

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Electrifying TNC Vehicles Requires More Fast Charging

Switching to EVs could save drivers for transportation network companies (TNC) like Uber and Lyft thousands. The potential for extra money in their pockets would alleviate pressure as international protests against companies like Uber are picking up steam. Some studies suggest that the average TNC driver makes less than $10 an hour after [...]

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Forth’s Electric Mobility Networking Mixer at ACT Expo

Forth is taking our networking happy hour on the road. Join us for our networking reception ahead of the ACT Expo Connect with fellow conference attendees and get the latest scoop on our efforts to promote electric, shared and autonomous mobility. The reception will take place at the Quarter Deck Bar & Lounge at Gladstone’s Long [...]

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Reach Your Driver Goals |The TNC Campaign.

We are transforming the way you drive. Getting rideshare drivers into electric cars can make a huge impact on adoption. Our TNC Campaign is targeted at rideshare drivers to increase awareness and educate drivers on the benefits of driving electric.  Forth's Program Manager, Tegan Molloy will be joined by guest speaker, Lauren Switzer, Oregon Marketing Manager at Lyft. They will [...]

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National Shared Mobility Summit

The Shared-Use Mobility Center is hosting its annual National Shared Mobility Summit in Chicago March 5-7, 2019. The summit offers a chance for "exploring how different mobility options...can work together to create a multi-modal transportation system that’s affordable, efficient, accessible, and environmentally sound." The summit themes this year are: Shared Mobility Impact, Pilot-to-Program, Public-Private [...]

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ZEV Alliance Webinar – Accelerating the transition to ZEVs in shared and autonomous fleets

The International Council on Clean Transportation's Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Alliance will be hosting a webinar on the report they produced on Accelerating the transition to ZEVs in shared and autonomous fleets. The webinar will also include reactions and discussion from various groups working on interventions in the same space and will conclude with a [...]

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Electrifying Shared Mobility Hubs Webinar

During this webinar, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will present its Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Roadmap for Shared Mobility Hubs (“EVSE Roadmap”) to provide improved connections to public transit via electrically-powered shared mobility services such as car share and ride-hail services. Shannon Walker, SDOT’s Strategic Advisor on Electric Vehicles, will share the [...]

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