Electric Vehicles

Forth’s Electric Mobility Networking Mixer at ACT Expo

Forth is taking our networking happy hour on the road. Join us for our networking reception ahead of the ACT Expo Connect with fellow conference attendees and get the latest scoop on our efforts to promote electric, shared and autonomous mobility. The reception will take place at the Quarter Deck Bar & Lounge at Gladstone’s Long [...]

Reach Your Driver Goals |The TNC Campaign.

We are transforming the way you drive. Getting rideshare drivers into electric cars can make a huge impact on adoption. Our TNC Campaign is targeted at rideshare drivers to increase awareness and educate drivers on the benefits of driving electric.  Forth's Program Manager, Tegan Molloy will be joined by guest speaker, Lauren Switzer, Oregon Marketing Manager at Lyft. They will [...]

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Financing Tools to Increase Electric Vehicle Access

Affordability is a key factor in the acceleration of electric vehicle adoption. State and federal incentives have had a major impact by reducing the up-front cost of electric cars, and many affordable lease deals have also helped improve access. However, many would-be electric vehicle buyers still struggle with down payments and may lack access [...]

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Building Codes and The Future of EVs

As electric cars become more popular, being able to charge in a multi-unit dwelling becomes even more important. EV ready building can help overcome a critical barrier to EV adoption by facilitating EV charging infrastructure. At this webinar, we will discuss the key role of EV ready buildings and the impact on EV adoption. [...]

Small Utilities’ Approach to Transportation Electrification

As electric mobility gains traction, utilities large and small are creating transportation electrification strategies. At the Forth  March webinar, we will be joined by Forth’s Program Manager, Kelly Yearick and guest speakers Juan Serpa Muñoz, Business Line Manager at Eugene Water & Electric Board(EWEB) and Stu Green, Climate and Energy Analyst City of Ashland to explore several approaches to promoting [...]

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