Green Transportation Summit and Expo

The Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE), hosted by Brian Trice, coordinator of Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities, focuses on the clean fleet at the intersection of policy, technology, practice, equity, and the future of mobility with a regional focus and national lens.

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Electric Truck Bootcamp: Global Perspective

Join NACFE and industry experts to learn lessons from other geographies and use cases as the industry develops best practices around electric truck technology, charging systems, and supporting policies.

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EV Hub Live Episode #12: Plugging into the Electric School Bus Transition

School buses constitute 80 percent of buses around the country – but only one percent of school buses are electrified. Sue Gander of WRI and Matt Stanberry of Highland Electric are leading the school bus electrification transition from two complementary standpoints. WRI have laid out their ambition to create “unstoppable momentum” to electrify all [...]

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New Jersey’s Moment in the Sun

Source: EV Hub data on Volkswagen Settlement allocations in 2021.   New Jersey is having its moment in the sun. Governor Phil Murphy recently announced the state is looking to adopt California’s Advanced Clean Truck Rule. The rule requires an increasing percentage of new truck sales to be electric through 2035. Critics argue that there is a need for [...]

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Investor-Owned Utilities Investing $770 Million in Underserved Communities

Figure 1: Planned investment in underserved communities by investor-owned utilities (Top 10) Source: EV Hub In the first half of 2021, electric utilities were approved to invest more than $44 million in underserved communities led by filings from San Diego Gas and Electric and Xcel Energy Colorado. New [...]

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Federal Transit Authority Awards $182 M for Low and No Emission Transit Buses

Source: Proterra   On Friday, June 25th, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced $182 million in grants to local transit agencies for the deployment of zero- or low-emission transit buses and supporting equipment and facilities through the Federal Transit Authority’s Low or No Emission Program (Low-No Program). Total funding from the Low-No [...]

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