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EV Hub Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Workgroup Meeting

Atlas Public Policy will host the next meeting of the Medium- and Heavy-Duty (MD/HD) Vehicle Workgroup on Wednesday, December 12th. The Workgroup will discuss the latest features added to the EV Hub including the MD/HD investment tracking database and submission form and the MD/HD search feature in the policy database. The goals of the [...]

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New Mexico Approves VW Settlement Funding Awards

The New Mexico Environment Department announced an award of $5.9 million in VW Settlement funds to support seven projects. Most projects are replacing older diesel vehicles with newer ones, though funds are also going towards compressed natural gas vehicles and electric airport ground support equipment. See below for fund distribution by replacement or repowering [...]

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Wisconsin Awards $32 million of VW Settlement Funds for Transit Bus Replacements

The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) announced the awardees for its Transit Capital Assistance Grant Program through the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. The DOA awarded all $32 million allocated for the replacement of class 4-8 diesel public transit buses with alternative fueled buses as outline in the State Beneficiary Mitigation Plan.  The DOA received [...]

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Nevada Awards VW Funds for Airport Ground Support Equipment, Trucks, & Buses

On November 5th, Nevada became one of the first states to award a portion of its VW Settlement funds after announcing 12 projects worth $6.6 million; the state has $24.8 million from the settlement to invest in mitigating mobile source emissions. The state received 37 applicants in this funding round. In an effort to [...]

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Illinois Finalizes VW Mitigation Plan and Opens Applications for First Round of Funding

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency finalized their spending plan for Volkswagen Settlement Funds (Beneficiary Mitigation Plan) on August 28, 2018. The finalized plan added significant funding for on-road vehicles, a change the EPA attributes to the written comments it received on the draft plan. These comments also included significant support for light duty EV [...]

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Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Calculator

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office's (VTO's) Technology Integration Program will host a webinar on a new online tool the Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Calculator, developed by Argonne National Laboratory, powered with data from GREET, AFLEET, and EPA-MOVES. Andrew Burnham from Argonne Laboratory will walk attendees through the tool. The tool has [...]

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Forth EV Roadmap 11 Conference

The Roadmap Conference has established itself as one of the leading electric vehicle conferences in the United States and provides a graduate course in electric vehicle deployment and business strategy. Widespread electric vehicle adoption requires a supportive ecosystem of stakeholders, from utilities and local governments to vehicle OEMs, charging providers, interest groups, and drivers. Roadmap [...]

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Dueling Op-Eds on the use of VW Settlement Funds

The Hill recently published two op-eds that highlight the ongoing debate in states over the use of VW settlement funds. The first op-ed from the Sierra Club argues the Environmental Mitigation Trust is a rare opportunity to transform the transportation sector through electrification. Gina from the Sierra Club effectively makes the case on the [...]

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