Colorado becomes the 11th State to Join ZEV Program

In deciding to join the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Program last Friday, Colorado demonstrates again that it wants to lead on EV policy. So far in 2019, Colorado has enacted more than five new policies supporting the expanding transportation electrification market in the state. Oregon and Washington are the only other states to enact more than [...]

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Black Hills Energy EV Rate Rejected and Arizona Utilities Cleared to Invest in EV Pilots

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission rejected Black Hills Energy's EV TOU Rate on July 15, 2019. They argued that the plan lacked both sufficient specificity and appreciation of the surrounding circumstances. The rate sought to provide approximately 2,800 residential customers access to off-peak rates for EV charging. The commission recognizes the potential benefits of [...]

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Get Unique Insights with New Data Stories on EV Hub

Amid an expanding market, new policies and regulations, and frequent announcements of public and private investments, the transportation electrification space is in constant motion. We’re always adding new data and tools to EV Hub to enhance the user experience and track these dynamic issues. As part of this effort, we’re rolling out a new [...]

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Colorado Pairs More Renewables and EVs to Reach State Climate Goals

Colorado took its EV leadership to the next level last week, enacting seven new bills that encourage clean energy and four that address clean transportation goals.  The new laws require electric utilities to account for the social cost of carbon and take action to reduce emissions in order to accelerate the transition to 100 percent renewable [...]

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Colorado Adds 24 Electric Buses Through the VW Settlement

Colorado announced almost $14 million in awards through the VW Settlement on April 18, 2019. The funding will go towards the purchase of 24 electric buses, three CNG buses, and one LPG bus throughout the state. This is the first award made from the state's $68 million total allocation.  This marks a step towards [...]

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Request for Information: Voluntary Minimum Standards for DC Fast Charging Stations

The eight signatory states of the Regional Electric Vehicle Plan for the West Memorandum of Understanding (REV West MOU) are seeking input on what factors the states should consider when developing minimum standards for DC fast charging stations in the intermountain region. NASEO has released a Request for Information (RFI) on behalf of the REV [...]

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Colorado Issues Request For Applications On EV Chargers

On April 10, the Colorado Energy Office released a request for applications, inviting private-sector partners to build fast-charging stations for EVs along most major highway corridors in Colorado. The state is investing approximately $10 million in this program, using federal transportation funds and money from the VW settlement fund. The plan will add 33 direct-current [...]

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Western Governors Unite to Create EV Charging Network

The governors of Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to provide a framework for creating a regional electric vehicle plan for the West (REV West Plan) and the Intermountain West Electric Vehicle Corridor. The plan was announced on October 4th at the Energy Innovation [...]

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Comments on Colorado Draft Mitigation Plan due October 13th

Colorado released its draft mitigation plan on August 28th. Comments are due by October 13th. Send any comments about Colorado's implementation of the settlement to Read the Draft Migitation Plan Read SWEEP's analysis of the draft plan (hat tip to Jamie Hall)  

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