Request for Information: Voluntary Minimum Standards for DC Fast Charging Stations

The eight signatory states of the Regional Electric Vehicle Plan for the West Memorandum of Understanding (REV West MOU) are seeking input on what factors the states should consider when developing minimum standards for DC fast charging stations in the intermountain region. NASEO has released a Request for Information (RFI) on behalf of the REV [...]

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Colorado Issues Request For Applications On EV Chargers

On April 10, the Colorado Energy Office released a request for applications, inviting private-sector partners to build fast-charging stations for EVs along most major highway corridors in Colorado. The state is investing approximately $10 million in this program, using federal transportation funds and money from the VW settlement fund. The plan will add 33 direct-current [...]

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Western Governors Unite to Create EV Charging Network

The governors of Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to provide a framework for creating a regional electric vehicle plan for the West (REV West Plan) and the Intermountain West Electric Vehicle Corridor. The plan was announced on October 4th at the Energy Innovation [...]

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Colorado Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee

At the Colorado's Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee meeting, the state's draft mitigation plan was discussed. The plan will be released on August 28th and will be open for public comment. Included in the packet of information for the meeting was a slide deck on the settlement from Colorado's perspective. View the materials for the [...]

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Denver hopes 300 new charging stations will accelerate switch to electric cars

City officials on Wednesday said 300 charging stations for electric vehicles will be set up around metro Denver over the next two years. They’re also looking at changes in the city building code to encourage installation of more charging stations near proliferating apartments and condos. Lawsuit settlement money paid by Volkswagen after the diesel [...]

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