EV Hub Live Episode #30: EV Charging, Equity, and Building Code Policy

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As EV adoption continues to grow, drivers will need ready access to charging infrastructure that can power their ride. States need to ensure that both commercial and residential property developers are thinking ahead and building for an EV-driven future. On this episode of EV Hub Live, special guest host Zack Strauss—the host of Atlas’s Buildings Hub Live—will interview Vanessa Warheit from the EV Charing for All Coalition and Adam Berry from the Colorado Energy Office about how states are approaching not only how to ensure there are enough chargers out there for future drivers, but crucially how they states can ensure new development is equitable for all EV drivers. The coalition recently released the EV Building Codes Toolkit, which helps state offices and community organizers to encourage implementation of equitable policies for EV charging building codes. This is a unique convergence of Atlas’s EV and Buildings live shows that you won’t want to miss!