L.A.’s Green New Deal: Sustainable City Plan 2019

This report is the first four-year update to the 2015 pLAn. It augments, expands, and elaborates in even more detail L.A.’s vision for a sustainable future, including climate change policy. This report is also referred to as L.A.'s Green New Deal.

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Amping Up: Charging Infrastructure for Electric Trucks

This website contains a report and tool that aims to lay out a roadmap for the development and expansion of charging infrastructure servicing electric trucks. The report suggests steps for fleet operators to follow when pursuing electrification plans.

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State RoundTable on Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Proceedings from a state roundtable event on electric vehicle infrastructure. The goal of the roundtable was to raise awareness about emerging issues related to EV charging infrastructure and identify...

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EVSE Roadmap for Shared Mobility Hubs

This guide will be used by the Seattle Department of Transportation and its partners to deploy EV charging infrastructure at Shared Mobility Hubs throughout the region. ...

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