Electrifying MHD trucks and buses promises to deliver widespread GHG reductions and health benefits as well as new economic and employment opportunities. While manufacturers and fleets are working toward electrifying the MHD vehicle sector, achieving the pace and scale of vehicle adoption needed to meet the goals of the MOU will require well designed public policies and programs and a concerted effort by all stakeholders to address market barriers, such as the need for charging and fueling infrastructure, the higher up-front purchase price of MHD ZEVs, and electricity rates not designed for commercial charging. To translate commitment into action, the MOU directed the participating jurisdictions to develop this Multi-State MHD ZEV Action Plan to recommend policy options to support the rapid, equitable, and widespread electrification of MHD vehicles. With a focus on near term strategies, the Action Plan includes a host of recommendations for state policymakers to foster a self-sustaining market for zero-emission trucks, vans, and buses.

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Publisher: NESCAUM

Date: March 10, 2022

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