There are two key technologies to broad acceptance of battery electric commercial vehicles: increased range and decreased charge times. Charging time, which can be quantified as distance per time unit charged, should be considered across the fleet, and should also consider lost charging time due to delayed charging or even charging equipment issues. MCS offers the charge rate necessary to realize widespread adoption of battery electrification in the commercial vehicle market by increasing driving range gained per minute spent charging. MCS also offers improved robustness of communication, which will reduce downtime related to failed charging events. This white paper gives an overview of several technical and non-technical aspects of the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), as discussed within the CharIN Subgroup since 2018. As a descriptive summary, it provides the achievements in preparing general design aspects of an MCS. For further development this document also provides recommended MCS specifications for adoption by Standards Development Organizations (SDOs).

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Publisher: CharIN

Date: January 23, 2024

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