Image Source: ACT Expo 2024 Photo Gallery

Last week, the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, a leading event showcasing the latest innovations in clean transportation, took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This annual conference attracts industry leaders, policymakers, and technology experts from around the world to discuss and exhibit cutting-edge solutions aimed at reducing emissions and advancing the future of clean transportation.

This year, electric trucks and charging infrastructure took center stage at the conference. Below are four notable announcements from the event.

To kick off the ACT Expo, Daimler Truck unveiled its battery-electric autonomous demonstration truck on the first day. Based on the company’s  battery-electric Freightliner eCascadia, this truck is equipped with autonomous driving software developed by Torc Robotics. Although currently a research and engineering project, the intent is for the truck “to drive autonomously between freight centers along U.S. highway corridors, exploring the link between zero emissions and autonomous infrastructure.” According to a press release, Daimler aims to introduce production SAE Level 4 autonomous trucks to the U.S. market by 2027.

Next, ZM Trucks made its debut at the ACT Expo as the latest zero-emissions commercial truck brand to enter the North American market. At the conference, ZM Trucks unveiled a lineup of five new models, covering a range of vehicle types, all set to be available by the end of the year. These models include a Class 4 battery-electric van, a Class 6 battery-electric truck, a Class 6 fuel-cell electric truck, and Class 8 battery-electric and fuel-cell electric trucks. The CEO of ZM Trucks stated, “ZM Trucks will offer tangible financial, operational, and regulatory competitive advantages, such as improved cost-per-mile performance, decreased downtime for maintenance, better city-center access due to noise abatement regulations, and enhanced driver comfort.”

Additionally, Zeem Solutions revealed its plans to construct a charging depot near Port Newark, New Jersey, with Phase I operations scheduled to begin in late 2024. The depot will cater to regional fleet operators with electric trucks, overnight parking and charging for 200 trucks, and additional charging for up to 300 electric trucks during the day. This depot will be capable of accommodating fleet operators from various vehicle classes, including airport shuttle, rental car, rideshare, and last-mile delivery services. The site will come with a large 30-megawatt (MW) interconnect and 76 ports of DC fast-charging.

Lastly, Penske Transportation Solutions and ForeFront Power unveiled their new joint venture, Penske Energy.
This partnership aims to assist commercial fleet operators in deploying EV charging infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of battery-electric vehicles. Through this service, fleets will receive comprehensive EV charging and infrastructure consulting services, including strategic and operational planning, technology assessments, infrastructure design, implementation. The new joint venture will also evaluate vehicle and route feasibility, monitor EV policy and incentive opportunities, and implement effective EV charging infrastructure solutions for its customers.

Several other notable developments were announced during the conference, including Blue Bird’s new electric step van and Autel Energy’s new megawatt charging system. Visit the ACT Expos’s newsroom for other announcements.

About the author: Moe Khatib