EVs Continue to Capture the Attention of Wall Street

Source: Hyundai   Some automakers and startups are betting the farm on EVs and Tesla isn’t the only one starting to see their bets pay off. On August 9, Hyundai announced plans to shift its Ioniq brand away from hybrid offerings and rededicate the platform to all-electric vehicles. The move, which includes the [...]

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Dealership Engagement: Making The EV Case to Dealerships

Engaging dealerships is a crucial marker in the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Due to several barriers, most auto dealers are not equipped to effectively sell electric cars. The biggest challenge to engaging dealers to grow electric car sales is the lack of knowledge about electric vehicles. This webinar will address the barriers facing [...]

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U.S. Expected to Receive Only 10% of Global EV Investment

At the beginning of 2019, Reuters estimated that automakers had invested more than $300 billion in electrification. The EV Hub is now tracking this information, and our new Global Private Investment Dashboard has recorded almost $350 billion in total EV investment across the globe. This data confirms China’s dominance in the market with almost 40 percent of investments recorded from [...]

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