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Roadmap 12

Sold out in 2018 with over 800 participants, the Roadmap Conference is the nation's largest and most advanced annual conference on electric and smart mobility. Held each summer in the Pacific Northwest, Roadmap includes over 100 national and international speakers, dozens of exhibits, regional smart mobility tours, and high-energy interactive sessions. Expect to make [...]

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ASCE International Conference on Transportation & Development

ASCE International Conference on Transportation & Development (ICTD 2019) is organized by the Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI) of ASCE to facilitate exchange of information, knowledge, and best practices among transportation and development practitioners and researchers, public infrastructure owners, policymakers, government engineers and planners, operations managers and leading academics from around the world. Visit Event [...]

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EV Hub 2019 Q1 Review

Every quarter, join us for a webinar to review what we've learned about transportation electrification in the United States. These webinars are free to all and we encourage you to share this meeting information with your network. All content from the webinar are based on information available on EV Hub.   Join the webinar: http://bit.ly/atlas-ev-hub-2019-q1-review [...]

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Building Codes and The Future of EVs

As electric cars become more popular, being able to charge in a multi-unit dwelling becomes even more important. EV ready building can help overcome a critical barrier to EV adoption by facilitating EV charging infrastructure. At this webinar, we will discuss the key role of EV ready buildings and the impact on EV adoption. [...]

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Regulatory Turbulence and Slow Growth Shape Q1

Slowing national EV sales and regulatory uncertainty have dominated the start of 2019. With the Trump administration advancing plans to weaken Obama-era emissions regulations, states like California are charting their own course and maintain tougher standards. As federal policy wavers, utilities continue to invest in expanding the charging network with more than $98 million of [...]

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Forth’s Electric Mobility Networking Mixer at ACT Expo

Forth is taking our networking happy hour on the road. Join us for our networking reception ahead of the ACT Expo Connect with fellow conference attendees and get the latest scoop on our efforts to promote electric, shared and autonomous mobility. The reception will take place at the Quarter Deck Bar & Lounge at Gladstone’s Long [...]

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Proterra Invests in Battery Leasing

Proterra plans to invest over $200 million to expand their battery leasing program. First piloted in Park City, Utah in 2017, the program reduces the upfront cost to bring electric transit bus prices closer to diesel and natural gas alternatives. The American electric bus manufacturer is partnering with Japanese investment firm Mitsui to expand the program and [...]

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D.C. PUC Partially Approves Potomac Electric’s Transportation Plan

The Public Service Commission (PSC) of DC in part approved with modification, and in part rejected the transportation electrification program proposed by Potomac Electric Power Company (Pecpo). Initially proposed in September 2018, the program included many components. The initial filing outlined plans to invest approximately $15 million in programs including ownership and installation of [...]

D.C. PUC Partially Approves Potomac Electric’s Transportation Plan2019-04-19T14:23:01-04:00

Duke Energy Proposes a $76 Million Electric Transportation Pilot in North Carolina

On March 29, 2019, Duke Energy filed a proposal to invest $76 million over the course of a three-year pilot program designed to add more than 2,300 public and private EV charging stations and rebates for up to 85 electric school buses. The program will be split between the subsidiaries Duke Energy Carolinas (DEC) [...]

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EVs Cut Electricity Costs

Charging EVs at off-peak times can generate significant savings for electric utilities and their customers, according to new research from the Illinois Citizens Utility Board (CUB). Published on March 27th, the report finds that smart charging programs could lead to big savings on household electric bills – even for people who don’t drive. Shared savings could reach upwards [...]

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