REV UP: A Nationwide Study of the Electric Vehicle Shopping Experience

This report presents the findings of the Sierra Club's recent nationwide investigation into the shopping experience for consumer EVs. The report results show that 74 percent of auto dealerships surveyed do not have a single EV on their lot for sale and that consumers were still not being given important information about charging, battery range, and financial incentives.

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L.A.’s Green New Deal: Sustainable City Plan 2019

This report is the first four-year update to the 2015 pLAn. It augments, expands, and elaborates in even more detail L.A.’s vision for a sustainable future, including climate change policy. This report is also referred to as L.A.'s Green New Deal.

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Exploring the Role of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Electrifying Passenger Transportation

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) remain an important technology in the electrification of passenger transportation as both a transitional and an enabling technology that can accelerate EV adoption. This policy brief explores the current conditions of the PHEV market and the role this technology can play in the move towards higher levels of EV adoption.

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Seattle Electric Vehicle Outreach and Engagement Campaign

This project carried out a clean mobility outreach and awareness campaign in underserved communities in the Greater Seattle region. ECOSS supported the projec engaging with members of Latino/a, Somali...

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Expanding the electric vehicle market in U.S. cities

Assesses the U.S. electric vehicle market and the factors that are driving it. Catalogues electric vehicle promotion activities. Identifies best practice policies in the 50 most populous U.S. metropol...

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