West Coast Clean Transit Corridor Initiative Study

Electric utilities in three West Coast states have announced the results of a study that could lead to significant reductions of pollution from freight transportation up and down the Pacific Coast and create jobs in an economy hit hard by the novel coronavirus.

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ZEV State Policy Rankings

This Rankings document provides a comprehensive assessment of participating state's policy actions and EV market development.

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2017 City of Portland Electric Vehicle Strategy

Portland’s Climate Action Plan provides a road map to reduce carbon emissions 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050. Land use planning, transportation policies and investments are among the most i...

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EV Charging Station Locator (PlugShare)

This extensive, global map identifies EV charging stations, searchable by preferences (residential, public, or high power), station availability, address or city....

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Oregon State Energy Loan Program

This website provides information on Oregon's Alternative Fuel Revolving Loan Fund and Energy Incentive Program.

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Oregon’s Minor Label Program

This website provides information about the minor labels that electricians must acquire in order to install electric vehicle supply equipment at a commercial facility....

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