Market monitor: European passenger car registrations, January–June 2020

With this edition of the Market Monitor, the International Council on Clean Transportation has  updated their methodology to reflect the 2019 performance of manufacturers with respect to average vehicle mass and the application of eco-innovations, and improved correlation factors between NEDC and WLTP CO2 emission levels for some vehicles.

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Adoption of Electric Trucks in Freight Transportation

Transportation sector is the largest contributor of global greenhouse gas emissions in the USA. Disruptive technological changes in this sector, such as alternative fuel vehicles, are crucial for emission reduction. This report analyzes how a cost-minimizing strategic transition plan can be developed for a transportation firm that aims to adopt electric trucks in their fully diesel fleet, over time.

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Driving A Shared, Electric, Autonomous Mobility Future

This report explores the evolution of shared mobility and electric transportation networks in China, India, and the United States. It evaluates the role of policy, economics, infrastructure, and behavioral norms in influencing mobility trends in these countries. The report argues that supportive policies are needed to accelerate this transition and help overcome behavioral norms that bias toward gas vehicles and the advantages of already-built fueling infrastructure.

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Exploring the Role of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Electrifying Passenger Transportation

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) remain an important technology in the electrification of passenger transportation as both a transitional and an enabling technology that can accelerate EV adoption. This policy brief explores the current conditions of the PHEV market and the role this technology can play in the move towards higher levels of EV adoption.

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Electric Vehicle Capitals of the World

This paper identifies and analyzes “electric vehicle capitals” around the world that could provide examples of the types of actions that could be more widely embraced to further grow the electric vehi...

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