High-Potential Regions for Electric Truck Deployments

Regional haul, heavy-duty trucking operations are good candidates for electrification due to the segment’s relatively short-hauls and return-to-base operations. The Guidance Report proposes a three-part framework that the industry can use to prioritize regions for electric truck deployment.

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Amping Up: Charging Infrastructure for Electric Trucks

This website contains a report and tool that aims to lay out a roadmap for the development and expansion of charging infrastructure servicing electric trucks. The report suggests steps for fleet operators to follow when pursuing electrification plans.

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Medium-Duty Electric Trucks: Cost of Ownership

NACFE created this Guidance Report to help fleet owners understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) decision factors for North American medium-duty commercial battery electric vehicles (MD CBEVs). Battery electric technology exists as an option in competition with other powertrains; modern fleet managers must evaluate when and how to add MD CBEVs to their fleet.

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Medium Duty Battery Electric Vehicle TCO Calculator

NACFE designed a total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to allow fleets to compare investment in one or several diesel or gasoline powered baseline trucks against an equivalent battery electric alternative. The calculator includes factors NACFE found relevant to this comparison.

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Electric Trucks: Where They Make Sense

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) created this Guidance Report to provide perspective, insights, and resources on the complex topic of the viability of commercial battery electric vehicles (CBEVs), Classes 3 through 8. This report provides a foundation for understanding the key arguments for and against this rapidly evolving powertrain alternative.

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