Coltura’s 2024 Nationwide Gasoline Superusers report provides new gasoline consumption data showing how to cut vehicle emissions more quickly, efficiently, and equitably by prioritizing the light duty vehicle drivers in the top 10% for gasoline use (“Superusers”) for the switch to EVs.

The 21 million US Gasoline Superusers make up just 0.24% of the world’s population, but they use 10.4% of the world’s gasoline – nearly as much as all of China. 

Switching from a gas-powered vehicle to an electric vehicle (EV) is an excellent way to displace large amounts of gasoline. There is a major opportunity to reduce gasoline use faster with new, data-driven strategies for accelerating Superusers’ switch to EVs.

This report illuminates for the first time the nationwide geographic, demographic, financial, and vehicular details of consumer gasoline use down to the census block group level.

It shows in granular detail:

  • How geography, income, vehicle type, and demography correlate with the volume of gasoline a person uses;
  • The financial burden of gasoline purchasing on the people who use the most gasoline; and
  • The outsized climate and social equity benefits from converting the drivers who use the most gasoline to EVs.

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Publisher: Coltura

Date: January 17, 2024

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Countries: United States

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