The Corporate Transportation Decarbonization Tracker provides data on 149 retailers — including the top 100 retailers according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). It starts with a high-level review of the companies’ transportation emissions reduction goals. These include targets set according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocols, as well as additional pledges the companies have made to reduce transportation emissions and facilitate EV adoption.

This Report summarizes major findings from data on the 149 retailers included in DGA’s Corporate Transportation Decarbonization Tracker, analyzes challenges to and opportunities for increased EV adoption, and highlights specific retailers’ bold commitments and innovative practices with regard to vehicle electrification, including initiatives related to EV chargers and medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles (MHD EVs).

At a high level, the report finds that retailers are:

  • Actively setting GHG reduction targets.
  • Beginning to address Scope 3 GHG emissions and transportation-specific emissions.
  • Advancing EV charging for customers, employees, or fleets, with larger companies doing more than smaller ones.
  • Exploring the use of electric MHD trucks for both upstream and downstream delivery.

Alongside this analysis, the report offers recommendations for actors across the EV ecosystem to continue to maximize transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions reductions and achieve widespread EV adoption and EV infrastructure deployment.

In future editions, DGA plans to include additional corporations and their actions.