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Data on public policy and regulations related to transportation electrification, including incentives and electric utility filings. These data are integrated with other data sources to reveal connections to market development, demographics, and environmental factors.

Join Us for Our 2019 Q3 Review on November 19th

Every quarter, join us for a webinar to review what we’ve learned about transportation electrification in the United States. These webinars are free to all and we encourage you to share this meeting information with your network. All content from the webinar are based on information available on EV Hub. We're holding the Q3 [...]

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Majority of $162 million National Grid Program Denied and $55 Million Proposed Approved in California

On September 30, 2019, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities rejected a majority of a $162 million program from National Grid. If approved, the program would have been the largest approved utility investment in transportation electrification outside of California. In the initial filing, National Grid proposed investment in make-ready DCFC charging infrastructure, investment in [...]

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Public Funding for Electric School Buses More Than Doubles in September

Correction: An earlier version of this data story stated that Michigan announced that it will dedicate $13 million of VW Settlement funds to electric school buses. This has been corrected to reflect that Michigan announced it will dedicate $4.2 million of VW Settlement funds to electric school buses.   School is back in [...]

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28 States Have Adopted Annual Registration Fees for EVs

States across the country are using EVs as scapegoats for declining revenue for transportation infrastructure, according to a new report from Consumer Reports. The findings agree with our earlier observations from March and May on several bills being considered in state legislatures: EV drivers are often paying disproportionate fees compared to drivers of equivalent gasoline vehicles. In total, 28 states have [...]

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EV Pilots Approved in California, Utah, and Minnesota and a New Program Filed in Kentucky

Several electric utility programs have been filed and approved throughout the summer. Several of these programs focus on expanding investment in disadvantaged communities as well as exploring the potential for vehicle-grid integration.  On September 10, 2019, the California PUC voted to approve PG&E’s Empower EV Charger and Education Program that seeks to lower barriers [...]

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California Energy Commission Approves $95 Million for EV Charging and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure

On September 11, 2019, the California Energy Commission (CEC) announced the approval of $95 million in new investments to go towards clean transportation programs throughout the state. The investments will contribute to CEC's Clean Transportation Program that seeks to accelerate progress towards the state's climate and clean transportation goals. The program includes a focus [...]

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Washington State Launches $2.25 Million Charging Infrastructure Program for Government Agencies

On September 4, 2019, the Washington State Department of Ecology announced a new round of VW Settlement funding targeting state and local government facilities. The program seeks to accelerate EV adoption in both public and private vehicle fleets throughout the state by expanding access to public charging sited at government facilities. The program will [...]

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Dominion Energy to Invest in More Than 1000 Electric School Buses

On August 29, 2019, Dominion Energy announced a new commitment to help school districts in their service territories replace diesel school buses with electric models. The initiative will lead to the replacement 50 buses in the first phase and Dominion will add another 200 electric school buses every year for the next five years.

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San Diego Gas and Electric Approved to Invest $109 Million in Medium- and Heavy-Duty Electrification

On August 15, 2019, the California Public Utilities Commission approved with modification San Diego Gas and Electric's Senate Bill 350 Transportation Electrification Proposals. The programs focus on medium and heavy duty electrification and align with the directives established in SB 350. The legislation seeks to rapidly accelerate transportation electrification throughout California and requires state [...]

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Colorado becomes the 11th State to Join ZEV Program

In deciding to join the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Program last Friday, Colorado demonstrates again that it wants to lead on EV policy. So far in 2019, Colorado has enacted more than five new policies supporting the expanding transportation electrification market in the state. Oregon and Washington are the only other states to enact more than [...]

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