Data on public policy and regulations related to transportation electrification, including incentives and electric utility filings. These data are integrated with other data sources to reveal connections to market development, demographics, and environmental factors.

The Reconciliation Bill (H.R. 5376): More than $34 Billion Dedicated for EVs

The Build Back Better Act was passed out of House Committees. There will continue to be debate and amendments on the content of the bill until a vote in the House and the Senate.  We tracked the electric vehicle (EV) components – pulling any elements that call out or may refer to EV provisions. [...]

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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R. 3684)

We are in the midst of an historic period in Washington as Congress considers a substantial investment in the nation's infrastructure. On this page, we summarize and track EV-related provisions in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  This page will be updated as the legislation changes and our understanding of various provisions are clarified. [...]

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National Grid Massachusetts Files Electric Vehicle Market Development Program

On July 14, 2021, National Grid (MA) proposed a $278 million Phase III EV Program. The program supports public, workplace, residential, and fleet chargers and includes support for make-ready costs as well as EVSE and networking costs. The program also includes incentives for electric school buses and includes a budget for utility-side system expansion [...]

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PG&E Proposes $123.96 million for Electric Transportation Programs

  On June 15, 2021, PG&E proposed to use revenue from Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits to fund five transportation electrification programs worth a total of $123.96 million. The five programs include a $1,000 pre-owned vehicle rebate ($3,000 for income-qualified customers), turn-key Level 1 and Level 2 charging installations for MUDs and small [...]

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Duke Energy Files an Additional $56 million to Continue Advancing Transportation Electrification in North Carolina

On May 24, 2021, Duke Energy Progress filed for approval of their Phase II ET Pilot Programs. The programs include a customer-operated EVSE tariff pilot for Level 2 and DCFC residential and non-residential customers, utility-owned Level 2 chargers for public and multi-family sites, utility-owned DCFC for highway corridors, and an electric school bus incentive [...]

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Annual Enacted EV Policies More Than Double Between 2015 and 2020

State EV policy activity has skyrocketed over the last five years with more than twice as many EV policies enacted in 2020 compared to 2015. The effects of these policies on the EV market range from stimulating adoption, like vehicle rebates, to punitive, like some annual EV registration fees. Passenger EV sales in [...]

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Duke Energy Carolinas Seeks Approval for Dynamic Rate Designs

On May 7, 2021, Duke Energy Carolinas filed for the approval of three dynamic rate designs in Docket No. E-7, Sub 1253. These rate designs included a review of the piloted dynamic rate designs in Docket No. E-7 Sub 1146 and the TOU periods for Residential and Small General Service customers. Although not part [...]

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Duke Energy Seeks Approval for Make-Ready Credit

On April 30, 2021, Duke Energy Carolinas filed a compliance filing with the NCUC as a part of the ET pilot approval from November 2020. The new filing proposes a make-ready credit program to offset make-ready costs of EV charging for residential and non-residential customers. Initial Filing [...]

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Road Networking Funding

Road Network Funding The Road Network Funding dashboard shows EV fees, estimates revenue from state gasoline taxes, and how roads are funded at the state level nationwide relying on the Federal Highway Administration's Highway Statistics Series. Included in this dashboard is an estimate of gasoline tax revenue from passenger vehicles [...]

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State Policy Dashboard

Tracking enacted policy, proposed legislation, requests for proposal and information, and public funding announcements and awards is a complex, arduous effort that requires scouring many websites to keep abreast of changes. The State Policy dashboard brings together all of this information into a single place, providing users with unique [...]

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