Data on vehicle and infrastructure deployment, electricity and fuel prices, and other market factors. These data are integrated with other data sources to reveal connections to public policy, demographics, and environmental factors.

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Registrations Dashboard

We’re actively working to expand our coverage of vehicle deployment data to include medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Recognizing the importance of getting these data out to the EV community as fast as possible, we’re making a temporary dashboard along with a high-level aggregation of that data available now. The data includes vehicle registrations by vehicle [...]

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Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicle electrification is a promising and emerging opportunity to reduce emissions, improve health, and save money. EV Hub has a variety of content on electric trucks and buses and this page serves as a summary of all the highlights, including top line statistics on public funding, private investment, and electric utility [...]

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EV Market Rebounds Faster Than Conventional Autos in 2020

Source: EV Hub After a rough first six months, the U.S. passenger EV market rebounded and ended the year just three percent below 2019 in terms of total sales volume. The EV market, and the auto sector overall, hit its low point in May with a 54 percent drop in EV sales compared to [...]

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GM to Sell Only EVs by 2035

On January 28th, 2021, General Motors (GM) announced plans to electrify their entire sales offerings by 2035. This follows announcements made in late 2020 that the company will increase their overall investment in EVs to a total of $27 million in support of at least 30 new EV models by 2025. GM is now [...]

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Automakers Dashboard

Manufacturers of passenger cars and light trucks are key actors in the transportation electrification market. The Automakers dashboard is a comprehensive look at these companies relying on a wide variety of sources. We are actively tracking data on vehicle deployment (electric and conventional vehicles) at the state level, current [...]

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U.S EV Sales Down 54 Percent in May

Source: EV Hub As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the extent of the damage to the auto market wrought by the initial outbreak of the virus continues to become more clear. Between January and May, U.S. EV sales were down 20 percent compared to 2019. After outperforming the conventional vehicle market through April, [...]

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Investors Flocking to the Electric Truck Market

Source: TechCrunch   The electric truck market is heating up and Wall Street is taking notice. Last week, EV and fuel-cell truck startup Nikola merged with a publicly traded acquisition company called VectoIQ  and saw their stock prices surge 104 percent after the company announced it would begin taking orders for its first passenger vehicle offering, the [...]

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Only a Quarter of Auto Dealerships are Selling EVs

Source: Sierra Club Car dealerships are doing little to address a persistent shortage of consumer EV awareness, according to an updated study from the Sierra Club. Based on survey results from both phone calls and in-person visits to more than 900 dealerships across every state, the report found that 74 percent of the dealerships [...]

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Leading Automakers Spent Less Than 10 Percent of Advertising Budget on EVs in 2018

Source: NESCAUM   Automaker spending on marketing for conventional vehicles eclipsed the comparably paltry efforts to promote EV offerings in California and the Northeast in 2018, according to a new report by the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM). The study combines the ad spending on the six most popular [...]

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Join Us for Our 2019 Q3 Review on November 19th

Every quarter, join us for a webinar to review what we’ve learned about transportation electrification in the United States. These webinars are free to all and we encourage you to share this meeting information with your network. All content from the webinar are based on information available on EV Hub. We're holding the Q3 [...]

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