Market Data

Data on vehicle and infrastructure deployment, electricity and fuel prices, and other market factors. These data are integrated with other data sources to reveal connections to public policy, demographics, and environmental factors.

MDHD Charging Investment Dashboard


What’s this dashboard? This page provides an overview of investment in medium- and heavy-duty (MDHD) charging infrastructure in the United States. These numbers are estimates based on analysis performed by Atlas, and should not [...]

MDHD Charging Investment Dashboard2024-03-27T17:43:39-04:00

State EV Registration Data


Through the Open Vehicle Registration Initiative, Atlas works with states directly to make data on electric vehicle registrations publicly accessible. This page contains the data from states participating in the initiative in some form. [...]

State EV Registration Data2024-03-08T17:03:04-05:00

Automakers Dashboard


Manufacturers of passenger cars and light trucks are key actors in the transportation electrification market. With Automakers Dashboard, we track data on vehicle deployment at the state level, current [...]

Automakers Dashboard2023-01-12T06:08:46-05:00

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Registrations Dashboard


We’re actively working to expand our coverage of vehicle deployment data to include medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Recognizing the importance of getting these data out to the EV community as fast as possible, we’re making [...]

Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Registrations Dashboard2022-09-16T10:24:55-04:00