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We are always looking for ways to enhance your experience on the EV Hub and connect you with the data and insights you need to facilitate your work in the world of transportation electrification. In 2019, we added content ranging from global private investment to state legislation tracking as well as data stories to provide deeper analysis into the material available in our data dashboards.

In an effort to help us stay resilient in this time of upheaval, we want to hear from you on what’s working and what you would like to see on the Hub. This will help us identify the most important pieces of the Hub for you and opportunities to improve content across the platform.

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The EV sector has evolved quickly throughout the last decade, and this trend continues amidst the COVID-19 crisis. While some projects in both the EV and charging sectors are on hold as public and private entities grapple with the impacts of the pandemic, stakeholders remain committed to advancing transportation electrification throughout the United States. This year, electric utilities have been approved to invest more than $60 million in transportation electrification efforts. The most recent approval was received by Dominion Energy in Virginia for a $21 million program to install 425 Level 2 and 34 DC fast charging stations in late March. State governments continue to lead on EV policy and Washington made recent news when state policymakers moved towards joining the ZEV program in March. States have already awarded more than $46 million for EVs and EV charging through the VW Settlement in 2020, representing 66 percent of the total awards for the year.

It is too early to predict the long term impacts the pandemic will have on the U.S. EV industry, but there is a lot we can do in the meantime to enhance the ways we track trends and follow developments. We also want to know how we can improve the way we connect you with all of the content on the EV Hub.

With nearly 900 active users working to advance transportation electrification, we are committed to covering as wide a range of these topics as possible to accommodate our diverse audience. Your responses will help us make it easier for you to access the information you need to do your work, an effort that is especially important in a situation when resources and time are stretched thin. Together, we can make sure we all stay resilient in this time and are well positioned to advance our work when the dust settles.

About the author: Conner Smith