Roadmap 2021

Forth's Roadmap Conference will be hosted in a robust virtual format in June 2021, and the program is now live! The Roadmap team is already planning an exceptional virtual Roadmap Conference to share leading-edge insights and case studies from around the world. With so many can't-miss program submissions, we have expanded Roadmap 2021 to three days! Join [...]

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E-Mobility Equity Virtual Conference

The National E-Mobility Equity Virtual Conference will be presented by Forth and EVNoire on November 12 and 13, 2020. The conference will explore and facilitate conversations around strategies and best practices for engaging diverse communities often hit worst and first by air pollution caused by transportation.  The conference will share current research and discuss case [...]

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The Future of E-Mobility and Electric Vehicles with Black & LatinX communities

The automotive industry is investing billions into transportation electrification. This important dialogue will dive into the transition to an equitable and beneficial electric, zero-emissions future. Panelist will provide insights into empowering and educating diverse communities with E-Mobility including workforce/economic opportunities, beneficial EV infrastructure, cost savings, new/preowned electric vehicle offerings, and public health benefits. [...]

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Transit Equity Town Hall: Mobility, Race, and the Economy

People of color and low-income communities are disproportionately impacted by poverty, pollution, and the COVID-19 pandemic. These interrelated crises are all rapidly accelerating and the policies implemented today will have ripple effects for years to come. This Town Hall will explore the crucial link between racial equity, economic equity, and transit equity. Panelists will [...]

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Pandemic Exposes Transportation Inequalities

Source: Seattle Times   Transportation is one of the leading drivers of air pollution affecting human health in the United States and communities suffering from unhealthy levels of air pollution are particularly susceptible to COVID-19. Updated research from Harvard finds that an increase of one unit in fine particulate pollution is associated with an increase [...]

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National EMobility Equity Town Hall via Zoom

The National EMobility Equity Town Hall is a national conversation examining the different facets of the EMobility Equity ecosystem. Equity is a hot topic. However, equity is often a concept that is misinterpreted and/or misunderstood.  As the world speeds toward a future where EMobility is Electric, Connected, Shared, and Autonomous, how do we ensure that all [...]

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Equity, Community, and the 3 Revolutions in Transportation

This webinar highlights the “climate and equity” theme of this year’s 3 Revolutions webinar series. This esteemed panel will discuss how to meaningfully incorporate equity into private and public sector transportation innovations. The discussion will address what can be done to narrow the mobility gap. The current pandemic only underscores the inequitable accessibility landscape [...]

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Annual Holiday Celebration and Food Drive!

Join Forth as we celebrate the holiday season - and the growth that the electric, shared and smart mobility industry has experienced over the past twelve months! We will host an electric transportation trivia, provide a recap of the biggest local and national news of 2019 and host our second food drive. Enjoy special [...]

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25 Percent of Approved Utility Investment Going to Underserved Communities

Electric utilities have the opportunity to act as leaders in the effort to expand transportation electrification in underserved communities. These communities are an important focus for utilities because they often face disproportionate harm from transportation emissions and utilities as companies that serve the public are well positioned to ensure all segments of society [...]

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California Leads on Electric Utility Investment with a Transportation Equity Focus

Lack of access to charging infrastructure is a primary barrier to EV adoption. Disadvantaged communities (DACs) typically face a harder time accessing charging than other groups, and electric utilities are well-positioned to bring EVs to communities that might not otherwise have charging access through direct investments in infrastructure. The total amount of electric utility investment in DACs [...]

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