Autonomous Vehicles

Carsharing’s Impact and Future


Carsharing provides members access to a fleet of autos for short-term use throughout the day, reducing the need for one or more personal vehicles. This report reviews key terms and definitions for carsharing, common carsharing business models, and existing impact studies. The report argues that as carsharing evolves toward automation, policies that encourage transportation equity for underserved communities and vehicle sharing (both pooled and sequential) should be explored. 

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Driving A Shared, Electric, Autonomous Mobility Future


This report explores the evolution of shared mobility and electric transportation networks in China, India, and the United States. It evaluates the role of policy, economics, infrastructure, and behavioral norms in influencing mobility trends in these countries. The report argues that supportive policies are needed to accelerate this transition and help overcome behavioral norms that bias toward gas vehicles and the advantages of already-built fueling infrastructure.

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