Plug In America is the voice of the EV driver; while there are several groups who perform surveys of EV drivers, Plug In America’s membership includes EV drivers with years or even decades of experience with the vehicles. In September–October 2020, Plug In America surveyed over 3,500 electric vehicle (EV) owners and over 800 individuals interested in purchasing an EV. They have, in the past, surveyed their membership to understand charging habits, battery performance, and other aspects of EV driving. The intent of this survey was to understand the current state of EV driving and consideration in the United States.

The overall picture is one of satisfied EV owners, with 96% intending to purchase an EV as their next vehicle. The primary motivation for EV owners to purchase the vehicle was the environment and air quality, with approximately 60% indicating this was a “most important” consideration, twice the rate of a cluster of secondary factors including cost savings, interest in cutting edge technology, energy independence, and fun of driving. A majority of respondents (over 75%) expressed a preference for charging from renewable energy, increasing the environmental benefits of EVs even further.


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Publisher: Plug-In America

Date: February 16, 2021

Type: Survey

Countries: United States

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