The Highway Revenue Assessment Tool, built in Microsoft Excel, gives users insights into how the road network is funded by motor fuel taxes and how that revenue will change with new market conditions. The tool also allows users to explore scenarios to change motor fuel taxes and fees on electric vehicles to address revenue shortfalls.

All highway revenue data is state-based and from the Federal Highway Administration’s Highway Statistics Series. All projections for changes in the market, including inflation, vehicle stock, fuel economy, and vehicle miles traveled are from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s 2019 Annual Energy Outlook. Users can easily customize assumptions derived from these sources to conduct tailored analyses that may better reflect real-world conditions.

To accompany the tool, a dashboard tool is provided that conveys the results of more than 470,000 scenarios for all states under various conditions. The dashboard allows users to explore the effects of different market and policy factors on highway revenue. All results shown were attained directly from the Excel tool.

Preview the user guide here: