The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) has released their Draft Mitigation Plan that outlines the state’s intended use of their $41.15 Million settlement. The MoDNR proposes to allocate funds to mitigation projects in the following eight areas:

  • School bus replacement: 29%
  • Electric vehicle charging stations: 15%
  • Transit and shuttle bus replacement: 10%
  • Non-government truck replacement: 15%
  • Locomotive and Marine replacement: 5%
  • Airport and cargo equipment replacement: 5%
  • DERA program options:  7%
  • Government Truck replacement program: 15%

The MoDNR has also released a separate document, Missouri’s VW Trust Implementation Guidelines detailing methods to select and implement mitigation actions in the project areas described above.

Comments on the mitigation plan can be submitted via:

Comments on the implementation guidelines can be submitted via:

The MoDNR is seeking public comment on both documents through Friday, May 4, 2018