On November 14th, 2018, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced the award of $12.2 million dollars in funds from the VW Settlement to ten projects in the state. The state received 56 applications requesting over $32 million. Awardees included both government and non-government entities. A summary of the awards is included in the table below.


Type of Action Vehicles to be Replaced # of Vehicles Sum of Funds
Diesel Replacement Transit Buses, Delivery Trucks, School Buses 103 $4,644,996
Diesel to Electric Airport Ground Support Equipment 14 $6,279,169
Diesel to Natural Gas Refuse Trucks 17 $1,203,250
Total   134 $12.2 million



* Error in Awardee Details: Text says John DeGrand & Sons were approved for 7 replacements. Award letter shows approval for 2. The number of replacements above is based on the award letter.