State EV Registration Data

One of the objectives of the Atlas EV Hub is to demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration. We believe that through crowdsourcing and other data sharing practices, organizations can be more effective by spending their time on consuming and interpreting data rather than collecting it. Public policy professionals should have access to electric vehicle registration [...]

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EV Hub Live Episode #2: COVID-19 Hits U.S. EV Market in Q2

U.S. passenger EV sales were down 44 percent in Q2 compared to 2019. COVID-19 was part of the problem as many automakers remained shuttered in April and face delayed production timelines for existing and upcoming EV models. It was not all doom and gloom for the EV sector, however, and government and utility funding [...]

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EV Hub Live

EV Hub Live is a first-of-its-kind video podcast recorded live and distributed for free to the public policy community working to advance transportation electrification. Hosted by Atlas Public Policy’s founder, Nick Nigro, the podcast will run at least once a month and be focused on presenting valuable content to the public policy professional. As [...]

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Scaling Up Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Lessons from China and the United States for the Indian Context

To expand India’s charging infrastructure, this report provides best practices from two of the largest EV markets – China and the United States – for the Indian context. This report aims to provide Indian policymakers and stakeholders with a review of the key challenges facing EV charging infrastructure markets in China and the United States.

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EV Hub Live Episode #1: Electric Truck Regulations On the Move

The Golden State continues to lead the nation in their pursuit of rapid transportation electrification. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) unanimously passed the Advanced Clean Trucks Rule on June 25th, the first-of-its-kind regulation requiring manufacturers to ramp up sales of electric vans and trucks. Shortly afterwards, 15 states and Washington, DC came together in [...]

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Nearly 80 percent of VW Funds Remain Two Years After the First Awards

A previous version of this story said that Texas had not awarded any VW settlement funding to EVs. The state has made one award to electric school buses that was made in April 2020. We regret the error. The coronavirus pandemic threw the global economy into a tailspin in early 2020 as supply [...]

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Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicle electrification is a promising and emerging opportunity to reduce emissions, improve health, and save money. EV Hub has a variety of content on electric trucks and buses and this page serves as a summary of all the highlights, including top line statistics on public funding, private investment, and electric utility [...]

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