State EV Registration Data

One of the objectives of the Atlas EV Hub is to demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration. We believe that through crowdsourcing and other data sharing practices, organizations can be more effective by spending their time on consuming and interpreting data rather than collecting it. Public policy professionals should have access to electric vehicle registration [...]

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Electric Utility Filing Bi-Annual Update

Since 2012, utility commissions across the country have approved more than $2.6 billion in transportation electrification investments [1]. $1.2 billion, almost half of the all-time total, was approved in 2020 alone. This report elaborates on the trends in transportation electrification programs from investor-owned utilities (IOU) in 2020 and was supported by the Natural Resources Defense Council. 

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EV Hub Live Episode #7: EV Policies that Make the Grade

The National Association of State Energy Officials and Cadmus are releasing a new PEV Policy Impact Rubric on March 1st which updates their 2018 rubric. The new Rubric can be used by state and local officials to evaluate the strength of their PEV-related policies. To develop the rubric, the study team reviewed the literature [...]

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Transportation Electrification in North Carolina

This brief provides an overview of the state of the EV market and deployment in North Carolina while also highlighting travel patterns and transit agency statistics, along with snapshots of EV policy and program examples from other states.

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EV Hub Live Episode #6: Bringing Consumers Up To Speed on EVs

A new paper from the Alliance for Transportation Electrification and Plug In America calls consumer education and outreach by electric utilities the "missing piece" for transportation electrification. The paper shares eight reasons why utilities should be enabled to invest in education and outreach programs and how these programs can help close the awareness gap [...]

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Utilities Investing $766 Million in Underserved Communities

Electric utility investment in underserved communities has more than doubled since the end of 2019. This surge was driven by two major approvals in 2020, one for Southern California Edison and another spread across six of the seven investor-owned utilities in New York. The increasing allocation of investment to underserved communities signals a [...]

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EV Hub Live Episode #5: The Road Ahead on Electric Transportation Technology

Next year could mark a turning point for EVs in a number of ways. The most valuable automaker in the world is now an electric vehicle manufacturer and the amount of approved investment by electric utilities has surpassed $2.6 billion. In this episode of EV Hub Live, Nick Nigro will sit down with Michael [...]

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Electrification Assessment of Public Vehicles in Washington

Washington state is positioned to cost effectively electrify nearly all public vehicle procurements by the year 2035. With near-term policy action and targeted investments in infrastructure, the state can accelerate ongoing efforts to advance electric vehicles and solidify its leadership position in the electric vehicle market in the United States.

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Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool

The Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool equips users with decision-relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle fleet procurements. The Microsoft Excel-based tool can evaluate a variety of procurement ownership structures, vehicle types, and procurement scenarios. The tool compares procurements side-by-side on a cost-per-mile basis and provides an [...]

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