State EV Registration Data

One of the objectives of the Atlas EV Hub is to demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration. We believe that through crowdsourcing and other data sharing practices, organizations can be more effective by spending their time on consuming and interpreting data rather than collecting it. Public policy professionals should have access to electric vehicle registration [...]

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EV Hub Live Episode #10: Roadmap Roundup

Watch the show below or click here: Forth's Roadmap Conference is one of the premiere EV conferences in the world. Every year, the EV community convenes in Portland, Oregon to explore emerging trends, share best practices and lessons learned, and build the road ahead. Like last year, this year's conference [...]

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More than $2.6 Billion in Public Funding for EVs

For the back half of the 2010s, state governments were at the helm of transportation electrification funding and policy in the United States. Funding for EVs and EV charging exploded in 2018 with more than 95 percent of the $2 billion in all-time state government funding for EVs and EV charging occurring between [...]

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Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicle electrification is a promising and emerging opportunity to reduce emissions, improve health, and save money. EV Hub has a variety of content on electric trucks and buses and this page serves as a summary of all the highlights, including top line statistics on public funding, private investment, and electric utility [...]

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Annual Enacted EV Policies More Than Double Between 2015 and 2020

State EV policy activity has skyrocketed over the last five years with more than twice as many EV policies enacted in 2020 compared to 2015. The effects of these policies on the EV market range from stimulating adoption, like vehicle rebates, to punitive, like some annual EV registration fees. Passenger EV sales in [...]

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EV Hub Live Episode #9: Charging and the Road to 100% Passenger EV Sales

Watch the show below or click here: Research is starting to pile up on what the United States could look like with widescale transportation electrification. On April 8th, Atlas released findings from a deep dive on charging infrastructure investment needs to achieve 100 percent passenger EV sales by 2035. The [...]

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