The Reconciliation Bill: More than $34 Billion Dedicated for EVs

As of now, the Build Back Better Act, or the Budget Reconciliation Bill, remains a collection of committee markups. Our understanding is that these documents will be pulled together into a single Budget Reconciliation Bill and that there will continue to be debate and amendments until the final vote.  We tracked the electric vehicle [...]

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Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool

The Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool equips users with decision-relevant information on the financial viability and environmental impact of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle fleet procurements. The Microsoft Excel-based tool can evaluate a variety of procurement ownership structures, vehicle types, and procurement scenarios. The tool compares procurements side-by-side on a cost-per-mile basis and provides an [...]

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State EV Registration Data

One of the objectives of the Atlas EV Hub is to demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration. We believe that through crowdsourcing and other data sharing practices, organizations can be more effective by spending their time on consuming and interpreting data rather than collecting it. Through the Open Vehicle Registration Initiative, Atlas is working with [...]

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INVEST in America Act (H.R. 3684)

We are in the midst of an historic period in Washington as Congress considers a substantial investment in the nation's infrastructure. On this page, we summarize and track EV-related provisions in the legislation under consideration in the Senate.  This page will be updated as the legislation changes and our understanding of various provisions are [...]

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Quarterly Review of EV Market

Our quarterly reviews of the EV market cover the key developments we're tracking on the EV Hub along with our own insights and package them up into a slide deck. We share them in Microsoft PowerPoint format so you can easily re-use the content for your needs. Of course, please be sure to cite [...]

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Federal Fleet Electrification Assessment

By 2025, 40 percent of all non-Postal Service federal fleet vehicles and 97 percent of U.S. Postal Service (USPS) vehicles can be replaced with EV at a lower total cost of ownership TCO than comparable gas and diesel vehicles. This means that choosing an EV over a conventional vehicle will save money over the life of the vehicle.

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Opportunities for Electrifying the Federal Fleet Today: New analysis reveals significant cost savings from EV adoption

The electrification of light-duty vehicles and buses in the U.S. federal fleet offers an immediate opportunity for cost savings and emission reductions. New analysis shows that by 2025, as many as 40 percent of light-duty vehicles and buses owned by federal agencies could be replaced with electric vehicles (EV) at a lower total cost [...]

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EV Hub Live Episode #12: Plugging into the Electric School Bus Transition

School buses constitute 80 percent of buses around the country – but only one percent of school buses are electrified. Sue Gander of WRI and Matt Stanberry of Highland Electric are leading the school bus electrification transition from two complementary standpoints. WRI have laid out their ambition to create “unstoppable momentum” to electrify all [...]

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Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Registrations Dashboard

We’re actively working to expand our coverage of vehicle deployment data to include medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Recognizing the importance of getting these data out to the EV community as fast as possible, we’re making a temporary dashboard along with a high-level aggregation of that data available now. The data includes vehicle registrations by vehicle [...]

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Investor-Owned Utilities Investing $770 Million in Underserved Communities

Figure 1: Planned investment in underserved communities by investor-owned utilities (Top 10) Source: EV Hub In the first half of 2021, electric utilities were approved to invest more than $44 million in underserved communities led by filings from San Diego Gas and Electric and Xcel Energy Colorado. New [...]

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