State Policy Dashboard


Tracking enacted policy, proposed legislation, requests for proposal and information, and public funding announcements and awards is complex and arduous. The State Policy dashboard brings together all of this [...]

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Assessing Financial Barriers to the Adoption of Electric Trucks


Atlas Public Policy conducted an independent total cost of ownership analysis for electric trucks to help retailer shippers better understand options available to them, or to their transportation providers. The results of this analysis indicate that medium- and heavy-duty EVs are cost competitive in some use cases under current market conditions and the most important factors are the cost of charging and availability of upfront vehicle incentives.

Assessing Financial Barriers to the Adoption of Electric Trucks2020-07-10T11:46:54-04:00

Investment in Public EV Charging in the United States


This brief provides an overview of the historical and current state of government, private sector, and electric utility investment in publicly available charging infrastructure in the United States. With increasing funding available from both the electric utility and government sectors, charging service providers and related stakeholders have a significant, near-term opportunity to grow the public EV charging network in the United States and reduce the dependency on government subsidization over time.

Investment in Public EV Charging in the United States2021-05-31T16:20:06-04:00

Electric Utility Filings


Atlas tracks electric utility filings related to transportation electrification. With this dashboard, you'll see the status of various regulatory commission filings by investor-owned utilities. We track filings by element (e.g., [...]

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